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Our purposes

To provide customers with a professional, comprehensive, quality reliable, stable performance, reliable purchase channel of end-of -line packaging equipment, and provide technical support and packaging solutions, reduce customer acquisition cost, risk and cost of equipment quality;Four factory form an partner,set up unified foreign sales center,wecome to visit our factory and team,let us do the packaging perfect.

Product mainly include:case sealer,case erector,case tray packer,pallet stretch wrapper,pallet strapper,pallet dispenser and pallet robot system.

Also to comply with the request of different clients’ ,we could design and make the whole complete processing line of different pallet or carton box,just like carton box  packing line,carton box robot packing line,palletizing system,pallet wrapping system and so on.

There are more than 20 engineers and 15 after sales service personnels in our factory.Anything wrong when machines is operated will be dealt within 10 minutes.

As the leading enterprise of end of packing machinery .we are always improving our machine and upgrade techniques to comply with the requirement of all the clients.

We have exported our machines to more than 30 countries in the world.

Pioneering Packaging equipment Service Providers  

we strive to offer the win-win best total packaging solution

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How To Do While Auto Flaps Folding Case Sealer Stop Work?

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Automatic Flaps Folding Case Sealer can't to work,this is a lot of users in the use of the sealing machine will encounter such a small problem; but automatic folding sealing machine is the important production [...]

Packing Insights

How To Do While Auto Flaps Folding Case Sealer Stop Work?

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Pallet Wrapping Machine Daily Maintenance

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Case machine factory show

China palletizing system supplier

China Palletizing System Supplier

Industries That we Service

Different industries require different packaging solutions: at MQSPAC, we’ve dedicated specialized resources team , department  and factory to the development of industry-specific, innovative packaging solutions,let the packing perfect!

Appliances                              Beverage                  Chemicals                           Metals                                  Piping

Electronics                            Furniture                                Lumber                               Glass                       Construction

Paper & Printing                      Transportation & Logistics                        Medicine                       Distribution Centers

Industrial & Commerical Machinery                                           Food Production & Processing