Secondary Packaging Solution
Hennopack focuses on the design and manufacturer flexible complete end-of-line solutions to automate the final stages of your packaging process with industry-leading versatility with the ability to high volumes of cases saving labor, time, and money.


    “Deliver speed, reliability, economy, and safety “-Our Goal

    To provide customers with a professional, comprehensive, quality reliable, stable performance, reliable purchase channel of end-of-line packaging equipment, and provide technical support and packaging solutions, reduce customers’ acquisition cost, risk.
Hennopack’s commitment to customers is to provide a fully integrated, automated solution for every packaging needs. This includes some special function equipment customized design and manufacturing such as Liner bag inserter, Robotic Packers, Tray erector, shrink wrap, ring stretch wrapper, etc. The above are just some examples of HennoPack’s technical product range, which could also be integrated with case erecting system&conveying systems & palletizer systems&strapping system offering a complete secondary packaging solution. Also to comply with the request of different clients’, we could design and make the whole complete processing line of different pallets or carton boxes, just like carton box packing line, case robot packing line, robotic palletizing system, pallet wrapping system and so on.
There are more than 20 engineers and 15 after-sales service staff in our factory. Anything wrong when machines are operated will be dealt within 30 minutes, In the meantime, we also could provide oversea installing-commissioning and technical training, the equipment will create benefits for you at the fastest speed.
The way the world deals with data and interacts with equipment has changed significantly in recent years, as one of the participate enterprises, we are always improving our machine and upgrade techniques to comply with the requirement of all the clients. Equipment performance meets international Standard CE certification, UL certification and a solution that allows the company’s system to interact with over a secure Ethernet connection. It truly reflects the revolutionary significance of industry 4.0! Currently, Over 80 countries purchase our equipment and have been continuously cooperating.
More secure purchase guarantees—receiving customers to visit the factory, acceptance equipment, or ODM service. Welcome to visit our factory and team, let us production line the packaging intelligent Efficient.

Hennopack Empty bottle industry special custom auto checking palletizer packing system

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Robotic Random Case Erector design and manufacturer by HennoPackaging

December 26th, 2020|Comments Off on Robotic Random Case Erector design and manufacturer by HennoPackaging

At present, small orders of various varieties and specifications have been a major factor hindering SMEs from realizing full automation, Especially in the area of custom cosmetics. In order to meet each customer order delivery [...]

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