10000BPH water production line secondary packing system

Industry: Bottled water production line Manufacturer
Packaging solutions provided: Auto secondary packing line system
Date of installation: May 2020

With the development of economy, the industrialization of cities has been increasing. For the water resources in the urban environment, these waters cannot be directly drinkable. Therefore, bottled mineral water is produced from this. The water will be packaged and produced by building production lines in remote areas, and then packaged in bottles and cartons, and transported to cities by cars.
carton secondary auto packing line
As far as the environmental location of the water plant is concerned, personnel becomes a major problem. A mineral water production line mainly includes several main stations such as water treatment, sterilization, filling, labeling, conveying, and packaging. For all procedures in front of the labeling station, most of the existing equipment has been expanded and fully automated, and it can generally be completed with 2-3 persons. But the packaging process is different. It needs to be formed into cartons, and the products need to be packed into cartons. For this 10,000 bottles of mineral water production line per hour. Each box of 24 bottles requires 7 boxes of packaging per minute. If manual labor is used, at least it needs Only 10 people can meet the production line capacity.

With such a small profit in mineral water, the mineral water production line must be produced 24 hours a day, and more back-end packaging personnel are needed. Moreover, in such a remote environment, it is more difficult to recruit personnel; for the above reasons, focus on the secondary packaging production line Henno Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. in the field has designed an automatic packaging line system compatible with multiple varieties.

Bottled water production line secondary packing system
After a full review of the products and packaging needs, Hennopack recommended a vertical type case erector, pick and place type case packer, case sealer machine as main packing machine, and then combine with 304ss conveyor make a complete packing line. All the systems adopt the Germany Simens Plc control system to ensure program stable, Japan servo motor to ensure move accuracy, Sick sensor to ensure Sensing fast.
A.vertical  type case erector could stack 100cardboards, vertical storage cardboard can continue to replenish cardboard without stopping the machine. When changing to another different carton size, it only takes 5 minutes to complete. The carton forming speed can reach 12 boxes per minute, which is sufficient for the production line of more than 12,000 bottles. The bottom is sealed with tape with a width of 60mm, which is solid and stable.
B. Pick and place type case packer, It adopts the Japan Panasonic servo system, no matter it is moving or rising or falling, the control precision is high. With imported carton guide rails, the movement noise is low, effectively reducing the noise in the workshop. In view of the existence of multiple bottled specifications in the water industry, the grab head is designed as an adjustable chuck. According to different types, you only need to select the corresponding program on the touch screen to complete the switching status. The product feeding design has a decompression system to prevent the bottle from being squeezed and deformed, which is not conducive to product grabbing and packing. In the meantime, the grab head design has an alarm for lack of material to avoid less grabbing products. The design of the whole machine is small in size, and the length and width are not more than 2500mm, which effectively controls the use of the workshop area.

Hennopack bottled water case packer

C. Case sealer–This project uses a box folding sealing machine, which is a device that can automatically fold the carton flap and automatically seal the top of the carton. After all, the packing speed of this mineral water production line has reached more than 7 boxes. It requires at least 2 people to meet the requirements of sealing speed, and the effect of sealing is not necessarily good. This carton sealing machine is designed with a full carbon steel structure and is driven by a belt. It can be adjusted according to different product sizes by shaking the handle and changing carton types. This case equipment can achieve a sealing speed of 20 cases/min at the fastest.
D.conveyor system. For bottles, a flexible conveyor line is used for feeding, the metal material is 304 stainless steel and aluminum profiles combined with each other, while the carton conveyor line is conveyed by 304 stainless steel rollers. Because of the high humidity in the workshop air of the water production enterprises, ordinary carbon steel is easy to rust when damp Corrosion, and there will be health risks. The conveyor line control is also combined with the frequency converter. Although the cost increases, the conveyor speed can be adjusted according to the production line output in the later stage, which is convenient for personnel to operate.

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In short, this second-line packaging system for bottled water production requires only 2 people to complete the 10,000 bottles/hour packaging efficiency requirements, saving at least 10 employees compared with the original, and solving the difficulty of recruiting people. At the same time, the automatic carton forming equipment is adopted, and the forming effect agrees with the beautiful, adhesive tape effect. The input of the case packer machine effectively solves the labor intensity problem of workers.

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