2000mm diameter ring horizontl wrapping solution for warehouse pallet packing

2000mm diameter ring horizontal wrapping solution for warehouse pallet packing
Client: Jingdong
Packing solution:2000mm diameter orbital ring wrapping machine
Industry: warehouse packing.
Install date: step,2020

In the past, when the economy was underdeveloped, a lot of goods and materials were transported directly to the destination by transportation. Under normal circumstances, the goods were delivered after existing orders. The time from order to delivery may be as long as ten days. With the development of the economy, such efficiency and could not meet the current people’s requirements for efficiency, so the warehouse came into being. Product protection is one important part of the warehouse business. Hennopack recently partnered with china warehouse located in Guangzhou to design and install a new Automatic horizontal Wrapping Machine.
2000mm diameter orbital wrapper

Our customer’s warehouse is mainly stack office supplies, most of them are made by the plastic and easy to damage. Our engineer knows that the office supplies will load on the paper pallet, and then stack in the storage shelf, also it is a range of wide size for the paper pallet. So that we decide to choose a ring horizontal type wrapper to finish this project.

Due to the load paper pallet also don’t heavy, the max weight load pallet about 100kg. If always adopt manual to lift the paper pallet to the orbital wrapper packing, it will add operation work intensity, causing physical health problems, this will not a good benefit for the warehouse. we design a Hydraulic lifter to solve this problem, the min lift height could up to 300mm. The worker takes the paper load by the forklift and then easily place it into the hydraulic lifter. This Hydraulic lifter also could transfer paper pallet direct to the horizontal type stretch wrapper, it combines with the chain-plate, and speed could adjust through the inverter.
horizontal wrapper

At the warehouse, min paper load pallet size is Length 600mm*width 500mm*height 400mm, the maximum paper pallet size is L1200mm*W1200mm*H1200mmmm.so we customized a 2000mm diameter ring and equip a before and front conveyor, automatic independent control button to start or stop during the packing cycle. In addition, we think about the plastic product has many edges and corners,if  the stretch film direct wrapping it, the film is easily penetrated, and not good for picking it to the customer when having an order. Hennopack design engineer design a new innovative bundle structure to solve it. This structure also adopt stretch film as the packing material, and the film will be a belt through a customized mechanism then tied on the pallet, it could save the stretch film, On the other side, the contact surface between the film and the product is horizontal, and there is no edges and corners. It is perfect to packing this office supplies pallet.

This customized ring horizontal wrapping solution provides customer easy to lift the pallet, and reduce labor; In the meantime, Innovative film carriage, the customer was able to use a narrower width film roll to achieve their goal of using less plastic film while maintaining secure pack integrity as well as protection of their product from marking and scuffing, also well for the operation pick product to delivery.

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