Three in one case packer is an integrated case erector, carton packer, carton sealer, and the buffering conveyor system between them into one machine. Before entering the box, Hennopack incorporates its proven technology of product handling using servo motors, Product is collated and push-loaded or top-loaded or dropped through the end or side or top of the erected RSC case blank. Of course, according to the customer’s product type, speed requirements, we use a combination of servo and pneumatic structure; even, in view of the current international installation difficulties, we use a six-axis robot or spider hand robotic integrated into a whole system, the customer only need to install and fine-tune the site can be used; simple and fast; at the same time for different sizes of cartons, with a scale, allowing customers to quickly change, saving time.


1.3 in 1 single-cell technology – erect, load, and seal on one frame, compact space;
2. The units of carton guiding, case opening, case packing, and case sealing are both driven by a servo mechanism to ensure accurate positioning and gentle action.
3. The alignment system is adjustable to fit different carton sizes and alignment forms.
4. The carton pusher adopts a single-axis mechanical arm, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
4. Each adjusting part is equipped with a handwheel and scale.
5. Equipped with vacuum detection device to improve the stability of the whole machine.
6. Alarm for malfunction, carton shortage, no case, and case stuck.
7. Their enormous versatility allows on-board integration of numerous applications including labeling machines, scales for measuring carton weight, and vision and serialization systems. “All in one” solutions are also available for serialization, Tamper Evident and aggregation systems.
8.3D or AI-powered vision systems can be included for identifying randomly oriented products and continuous motion picking and placing(based on different product applications);
9. Option Machine version stainless steel 304, Explosion-proof., Subzero temperature., Symmetrical version.

3 In 1 Case Packer(all in one case packer
Box Type RSC, HSC, FEFCO 0201.
Packing speedup to 10 cartons/min(depending on carton dimensions);if adopt robot packing,speed can up to 15boxes/min
Bottom flaps sealingadhesive tape (50 to 75 mm) or hot glue
Size adjustmentmanual
ControlledSiemens or Allen Bradley or Mitshubishi PLC
Electric powerbased on the country of destination
load typetop pick and place or side push or drop-in
Installed power5kW
Air pressure6 bar
Case sizeMin.: 200*160*150 Max.: 450*300*300(Customized is available)(L*W*H, unit: mm)
Case magazine80-100pcs,stack capacity is adjustable
Magazine typeHorizontal type or vertical type
MotorGermany-SEW/Nord; servomotor:Germany-Bosch Rexroth/Simens)
SensorP+F, Sic, Germany
Expanded functionsLabeling, Scanning, Visual Identity

3 In 1 Case Packer(Side Push)

3 in 1 case packer is an ultra-compact solution for packing the widest range of various containers. Side-pushing integrated case packers can be used in industries where the direction of product transport does not coincide with the direction of the case opening, without the need for additional steering mechanisms and wasted space and costs.

3 In 1 Robot Case Packer

The 3-in-1 case packer integrates the three functions of carton forming, product loading, and carton sealing into one machine; while the robot version is used to handle multiple varieties of types or product sizes, this is thanks to the robot only changing varieties by simply switching the end-effector, without more manual involvement; of course, the spider hand can also be used to replace the robot, to achieve some light product applications; for example, stand-up pouches.

3 In 1 Case Packer(top pick and place type)

The top-loading version of the 3-in-1 integrated case packer also integrates case forming and sealing functions; the front conveyor line uses servo technology to collate the products into a whole layer, which are then picked up and placed inside the case through the top servo-driven structure; this machine can be integrated with manual instructions to add, as well as visual identification functions, etc., to help the application of traceability and detection systems for pharmaceutical products. Speeds of up to 10 cases per minute.