4 Questions to Prepare Before Buying a polybag inserter machine

From manual picking of plastic bags into cartons to automatic liner in the box by inserting machines requires an upfront cost, but can quickly pay dividends. It can reduce the company’s staff and optimize the workshop; improve production efficiency and reduce unit cost; upgrade fully automated production lines to achieve 24-hour non-stop bagging inbox ; reduce overall costs and fixed consumable cost investment, allowing enterprises to recover investment faster Cost and management business. Before spending thousands of dollars on a plastic bag inserter machine you should ask 3 questions about the carton box and bag liner inbox.
What industry the customer’s bag maker and inserter machine is used for
The use of bag inserters is generally the following industries as the main applications, generally used to protect the products inside the carton from moisture, such as tobacco, pharmaceutical granules, special dust, baked foods such as cakes, solid chocolate, etc .; or for packaging lump oil It is free from contamination of products, such as palm oil, cream, etc .; or frozen meat pieces, to prevent damage to cartons during transportation, such as chicken pieces, fish pieces, meat pieces, etc., lined with bags, clean and hygienic; The other is the fruit and vegetable industry, the use of lined bag packaging can make fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life and can be stored longer. In the meantime, the world’s special fruits and vegetables can be distributed to various countries.
After knowing the industries used by customers, we will know what materials customers need to use to make poly Bagmaker Inserter equipment. After all, in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, the sanitary cleanliness of equipment is very high. Usually, only stainless steel grade 304 or higher Manufacturing, and the cost of stainless steel materials can be more than three times more expensive than ordinary carbon steel materials. Accurate budget control can make customers better plan automated production lines.
How many size type of carton boxes that will be for insert bag?
In the industry of the automatic liner inserter, there is a wide range of products, there are many carton sizes, and the outer shape of the carton may also be different. Confirming all the use sizes will help engineers to be more compatible when designing equipment. This size can reduce the customer’s equipment cost investment. Knowing the shape of the carton can determine whether it is possible to share the bag-lifting or folding closing machine in the subsequent connection process. This can inform the customer of problems in the production line in advance and avoid losses.

What type of polybag customer will use for
In the process of manual using box liner, most of the bags are made by the supplier in advance, and only need to be directly put into the carton, without considering other issues, such as speed and direction; Different for equipment, the current bag form can be divided into “M” or “one” bag; the structure of the device into the box can be divided into “direct” and “contrary”, the speed of the two will be different; The contrary insertion structure speed can reach 12 cases per minute per minute, and the direct insertion structure speed is generally about 8 cases; but for European and American countries, due to its technological innovations, such as pattyn, the bag insertion machine can reach 20-25 boxes per minute(based on the box size) ;In addition, there are product omissions when the M-type bag is used in some industries, such as dust and grease. Regardless of the direct maker inserter machine or the contrary bag insert machine, these products will remain some products in the bag after to the user. Therefore we need to confirm with the customer the shape of the bag, whether it is production speed or residual issues, we are responsible for the customer.
What thickness of the polybag
With manual bagging, you will not pay attention to the thickness of the bag; however, using equipment to automatically insert the bag, this needs to consider the thickness of the bag. After all, the machine is different from humans and cannot automatically identify the situation that hinders the bag; at the same time, different structures Inserting equipment has different requirements for the thickness of the bag, for example, the forward structure does not pay much attention to the thickness of the bag, but the reverse structure requires the bag to be 30μ. The thickness of the bag is related to the cost of the equipment used by the customer. This factor needs to be clarified with the customer.

The above is all the basic information about this bag before asking the bag insertion machine. If there is something you don’t understand, it doesn’t matter. Our technical team has more than 10 years of experience in design and manufacturing polybag-in-Box Case Liner machines. The solution is as follows:

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