304ss top load case packer and palletizer system for veterinary bottle liquid industry

Dahuanong Biotechnology Ltd manufacturing facility in China is one of the largest veterinary drug series factories. Hennopack Technology recently installed a complete end of line solution here, including one of the core products: 304 stainless steel top load servo type case packer, and customized carton palletizer for greater flexibility, high effective and ergonomics.
The project presented Hennopack with a particular challenge: this project product is the veterinary bottle liquid, and their production space available is small. And their production engineer wants to finish the below process automatically, auto case folding and bottom sealing, foam pads into case bottom, bottle auto place into box bottom, box online scan, instruction manual auto into the box, case top flap fold and sealer, case carton auto palletizing stack into the pallet. Numerous functions requirement in such small space application, it is very technology Innovation.

case packer

304ss case packer

A special approach was required here. Thanks to specific adaptations and improvements, as well as a close partnership between the DaHuaNong china and Hennopack teams, we have found an optimal solution–the new end-of-line solution now cover all work-heavy process.

A tailor-made case packer and palletizer solution master these challenges.

Through our accurate production line speed, it is 1.5 boxes per minute on average packing. This manual operation efficiency can only be considered as a warm-up exercise, beneficial to the body, and space not enough, so we design the case erector working independently, don’t link with the complete packing line. and also auto-add the foam pads, then manual stack nearly the packing line. when need feeds the empty box to the case place position, the manual could one by one place this box to the feeding conveyor. Place case erector space could stack 4-hour application box, It is a nice choice.

For the bottle into box packaging, the bottles are placed into the hole which opens in the foam pads, this could fix stability when the bottle transport to the customer. One box will place 40 bottles and think the bottle deviation. we adopt two grippers to pick the bottle, this could easily and precisely pick the bottle and place it into the hole. This bottle into carton, we adopt the top load type case packer, and the PLC adopt Germany Simens with Ethernet communication function. This function could convenient for the factory 4.0 automation planning, can effectively feed the production progress of equipment, failure problems to the main system, timely processing.

For scanning and adding instructions, we always use manual operation to save the space application. After all, affect the labor health factor is the full carton stack processing. After scanning, the carton top flap will auto fold and adhesive tape sealing by the box sealing machine.

304 stainless steel case sealer

304 stainless steel case sealer

Finish the carton sealer, It’s the turn of the carton palletizing station. when we want to use traditional palletizers and robot palletizers, It’s a very extravagant idea for a limited space, because they are intended to be higher speed stacks, so their size also requires more space to accommodate will need much space to place. Combine the remaining space available for the placement of empty pallets and the removal of fully-loaded pallets, We decide to adopt manual assistance with the forklift. Use more space for the carton stacking process.

Through our team discussion and testing with carton weight, we adopt a new type of structure for manufacturing carton palletizer, adopt the high-quality screw drive with servo, It has sufficient strength and transmission efficiency, and although it costs more than other structures, its size and flexibility make it a good design for small spaces.
case packer
Due to the corrosive nature of this product and the high level of sanitation required by the Pharmaceutical Association, all of our equipment(case packer, case sealer, roller conveyor, etc) is made of 304 stainless steel. In order to ensure labor easier operation and maintenance safety, our all machine equip transparent glass fence could let labor provide a good overview of safety to monitoring. In addition, special emphasis was placed on ergonomics when designing the solution; accessibility for operators and maintenance personnel has been significantly improved.

The solution was a success, with the top place case packer and customized palletizer system delivering its usual smooth and gentle operation to ensure top quality packaging, while fully meeting DaHuaNong’s end-of-line packaging specifications.

servo palletizer

servo palletizer

A good example of Hennopack‘s recognized ability to adapt its own modern solutions to customers’ needs. Although the Hennopack technical team also designs and produces standard end-of-line automated packaging equipment, but also the ability to customize machines is one of hennopack’s particular strengths. Our pragmatic R&D process, combined with a 360-degree approach to end-of-line packaging projects, allows us to work with manufacturers to meet all their specific challenges, such as the traycase auto erecting, polybag maker, and inserting into carton, bag closer, robot palletizer, etc.


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