4 things need to consider for ultra-low inlet and outlet conveyor of the pallet automatic packing line

With the development of industrialization, employees attach importance to their own health, and the rigor of protection of product packaging has led to a significant increase in the demand for automation of production line packaging, such as the automatic pallet stretch wrapper and strapping of pallets. But there is another problem that comes with it as an important tool in the factory – forklifts, especially manual forklifts, one of the most indispensable handling equipment in most factories. If the manual forklifts are eliminated in order to automate the packaging line, which will increase the cost of the enterprise, then we can only consider the design from the height of the automated packaging line. Like this ultra-low type conveyor line, what aspects we need to pay attention to when designing the inlet and outlet conveyor.

1.Pallet type/category:

     At present, there are more and more pallet products in the world. In order to make the pallets play a significant role, the world is divided into six standards, four of which are metric standards and two of which are British standards; but the shape of the tray is up to 12, so we are designing packing line, the type of pallet the customer uses is the one that we need to focus on when designing. Otherwise, the conveyor line cannot satisfy the customer’s pallet type, it will be a meaningless job. The below picture is the pallet type, please reference:
     From these 12 shape trays, we can basically be divided into two categories: 2/4way single deck type and 2/4 ways double-deck type; What are the characteristics of these two types on the design conveyor line? Please see the second point.

2.Pallet parameter:

    From the first point, we learned that the shape of the tray is mainly divided into two types, of which 2/4 single deck type is the most frequently used type of manual forklift, and the 2/4 double-deck type if uses manual forklift will easy to damage the pallet bottom deck board (except for hand stacker manual forklift). So according to the type of 2/4 way single deck, what information do we need to get when designing?
A.hand pallet truck opening height, this size also is bottom slat thickness plus hardwood block height;
B. Pallet length and width, this for design the roller inside and outside size.
For the following pallet picture, the name of each structure is indicated in the picture. When designing, you can refer to this figure to obtain the relevant size parameters.
3.Manual forklift parameters:

The size and shape of the manual forklift involve the structural design of the conveyor line. This parameter cannot be changed at will.
A.the intrinsic and external dimensions of the forklift arm;
B.Forklift arm width and length;
C.Forklift liftable height.
The above three sizes are needed to be recorded according to actual parameters. For those who do not understand the above, refer to the contents marked in the figure below.
4.Pallet load:

The weight of the pallet is related to the material of the conveyor line. After all, every customer hopes to obtain a reasonable price and quality products.The diameter, length, and spacing of the drum are the key analysis points for the design of the inlet and outlet conveyor lines. When selecting, you can’t choose to just meet the requirements, but need to increase the margin by 20% under the material’s own characteristics to prevent the material from over-fatigue.

In recent years, more and more manufacturing plants are planning and investing in automated packaging lines. At the same time, more and more suppliers in other fields are exploring this business. Due to the lack of in-depth understanding and practice of the industry depth, these suppliers which the lack of experience often leads to many changes to the customer’s plant, causing unnecessary losses to the customer.

Recognizing the importance of professional experience and practicality, at the beginning of the company’s establishment, Shenzhen Henno Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. strives to implement the professional concept, so that each equipment product can meet the requirements once it meets the design. At present, Hennopack has been divided into three major factories specializing in the design and production, such as the box packer series, stretch wrapper and palletizer conveyor series, case erector machine and bag inserter series.
For the content shared in this article–the design point of the ultra-low import and export conveyor line for manual forklifts, It is Henno Packaging through dozens of cases to summarize the experience. We can learn from each other and welcome to share and exchange. The following video is an ultra-low conveying + pallet wrapper + strap bundling system case designed for tinplate cans.

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