5 things need to ensure before you want to adopt auto case erector

At present, most of our daily products are protected by carton packaging. In order to ensure the completion of daily order delivery and shipments, sufficient bottom-sealed cartons are required to satisfy operators for packing products into boxes. The advancement of technology has led to the emergence of a new type of equipment-case erector machine, which can achieve a forming speed of 10 boxes, 20 boxes, or even 30 boxes per minute, which can meet the needs of high-speed production line applications. But when using this carton forming machine, you need to ensure that the following points are acceptable to your company.After all, the artificially formed carton is completely different from the carton specification specified by the equipment.
case erector machineTip 1:carton indentation
The carton indentation can be seen simply as the dividing line of the carton size. It is mainly used to deep press the carton, which is convenient and easy to form the carton, and the carton size is accurate. Under normal circumstances, if the carton is artificially formed in the early stage, the carton is not deep indentation under normal circumstances. After all, human strength is strong, and at the same time, it could observe whether the carton molding is damaged at any time. However, after using the case erector machine, this involves the failure rate or breakage rate of carton molding. After using the carton forming equipment, the bottom folding of the carton is turned over by the mechanism, and the bottom sealing action is completed by folding in half. The contact surface between the mechanism and the carton is relatively small. If too much force is applied, the mechanism will easily damage the surface of the carton and affect the packaging. Therefore, deepening the indentation can help the equipment mechanism to complete the folding action more easily for a while, and also lengthen the service life of the components. After all, deepening the indentation does not affect the packaging effect.

Tip 2:The gap between the box flap
A carton is divided into length and width dimensions, and both sides have folded sheets. Now we call it long-face folding and wide-face folding. Henno Packaging Technical Engineer found that the investment in the automated packaging line has not yet fully penetrated into the value of the company. The cartons currently produced also have long-faced and wide-faced folds that are interlaced with each other. it is usually manually form without any problem. This carton situation will not Any impact on the molding. However, since the carton molding is used, its molding steps have been in a certain order. First, close the wide-sided folds, and then close the long-sided folds. At this time, the interlacing situation will cause the carton folding. damage. Therefore, when we need to purchase an automatic carton forming machine, we need to confirm that the gap between the folding of the carton can be modified by the company as required, and the cardboard supplier needs to be able to achieve such a situation. Especially, in some small enterprises, their cartons are also supplied by small-scale cardboard manufacturers because their order quantity does not reach the large-scale MOQ, and manufacturing machine maybe not meet this requirement, so you must note this. The size of this gap is generally 2-3mm, you can refer to this, and you can refer to the following figure:
carton flap gap detials

Tip 3:The long side fold seal needs to be level.
At present, there are two kinds of bonds of cardboard structure, one is to bond by glue, the other is to bond by nails; if it is in the production process of small cardboard suppliers, they generally complete this step through semi-automatic equipment. When the cardboard is formed, there will be a relatively error; at this time, if you take the carton manually to form and seal, you will find that the long-faced folds will overlap up and down, but the folds can be leveled and sealed manually; But the equipment does not have this kind of adjustment function at any time. It is “fool-like” equipment that works in accordance with our set procedures. Therefore, the cardboard we make needs to be manufactured in accordance with the specifications rule: the long side folds are horizontal when combined, or the middle position of the bulge is 2-3mm away from the horizontal position. The requirements can be referred to as follows:
carton flap details

Tip 4:Side Side tape overlap
When we manually seal the carton, the length of the tape on the side of the carton can be arbitrary. You can place it wherever you want, but at this time, the cost of tape cannot be controlled and calculated. After using the automatic carton forming machine, the length of the tape side sticking is fixed. Its tape overlap length is generally between 50-60mm. If you need a longer tape side tape length, Henno Packaging Technology also has a customized tape applicator, which can be taped up to 100mm in length. Therefore, automation is adopted, its side sticking length is fixed, which is helpful for enterprises to calculate the cost of consumables, and the packaging effect is beautiful. If you cannot accept its standardization, then you can only say that you have no chance with it.

5.cardboard printing direction Change.
Under normal circumstances, there are printed fonts on the outer surface of our carton to indicate that it is a product of a certain company or what product the inner packaging is. These contents are temporarily called printing. After we manually form the carton, the operator can freely change the direction of the carton as required without being affected. After using the automatic carton opener, the direction of the carton after it is formed is fixed. However, when some cartons are manual forming, the front and back of the font do not affect the forming of the carton. After the unpacking equipment application, you will find that the font direct is incorrect, it is contrary. In the meantime, the direction of the printed font needs to be changed through communication with the cardboard manufacturer. As for how to judge whether the printing direction is wrong? You can provide photos or carton samples, and Henno packaging technical engineers will provide you with judgment.

In summary, the original intention to use an automated carton forming machine to reduce the work intensity of the operators and increase the productivity of the workshop is a trend with development prospects. At the same time, when you want to enjoy the value brought by the automated packaging line, you also need to modify the specifications of the carton customization for manual packaging.
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