6 things to learn before purchase bottle carton case packer machine

The current world economy is undergoing changes, and the consumer goods industry structure is also in a continuous upgrading stage. Bottles made of glass, plastic, cardboard or ceramics are which liquid or solid disposable plastic packaging containers used for packaging in this industry. those include such as beverages, food, pickles, honey, dried fruits, edible oil, agricultural and veterinary drugs. Because plastic bottles are not easy to break, low cost, high transparency, food-grade raw materials, etc., they have currently used the most and a low value-added enterprise and a labor-intensive industry.
At present, most of the plastic bottles are used in soy sauce, mineral water, detergent, edible oil and other industries that require a lot of people. With the rising cost of labor, labor costs have become a huge pressure for such production enterprises. Secondly, with the increase in market consumption, when the production efficiency cannot keep up, the unit cost has caused another layer of pressure on the enterprise. Under the current situation of various pressures, it is more important to take the road of upgrading the production line, realize automation in the process that requires more labor, and strive to improve unit production efficiency. Especially the secondary packaging area involves a lot of people and packaging consumables. However, during the upgrade process, such as the automatic carton packing station, you also need to know how to select equipment so that companies can benefit from the automation process. Below Henno packaging engineers share the experience of using case packaging machines, assistants to upgrade the production line automation:

1. Confirm the volume of the bottle:
A.water industry, bottle capacity is generally the most used between 150ml-1500ml, but there are also 10L 15L plastic bottle packaging mineral water;
B. The oil industry, Bottle capacity is mostly between 500ml and 5L, but in the edible oil industry, more and more companies currently produce 10L and 15L bottle packaging specifications;
C. Daily chemical industry, the capacity of the bottle is usually between 500ml and 5L, and a small part is in a 10L -15L package;
Note: Products packed in larger plastic bottles will generally no longer use cardboard boxes as outer packaging and will be directly stacked on the pallet, so no additional description is given here.
2.Confirm bottle shape and material:
A. The water industry is generally made of PET. The shape is generally round or square. Large-capacity bottles will have a handle on the mouth;
B. The oil industry is divided into several types. The first is edible oil, which is usually made of food-grade PET materials. The shape of the bottle is also round or square. The bottle cap of the large-capacity bottle has a handle ring, but some bottle body structure will have a handle; second is industrial oil, such as lubricating oil, emulsified oil, etc.usually made of PP or PE PP plastic, most of the shape is a square bottle. The bottle structure will have handles on the top or side.
C. The Daily chemical industry-Most of the bottle materials in the daily chemical industry include most of the materials, such as PET, PE, PVC, etc..Each manufacturer chooses different raw materials to manufacture according to different products; also in terms of shape, round and square shapes are also based on product attributes, includes the shapes of the first two industries.

3. Confirm bottle material quality:
At present, because the prices of raw materials are constantly rising and profits are declining, at the same time, more companies are investing in the bottle production line. In order to survive, many companies continue to improve the technology of making bottles and use less and less raw materials, but they also cause the bottles to deform easily. Be sure to receive bottle samples before quotation a case packer.
4.Confirm product production speed:
The speed of production is a major reference factor for the selection of equipment organizations. Enterprise investment requires the production of corresponding benefits in order to meet the value of automated packaging; in addition, some models of box packers have already limited the maximum packaging speed, even if customers want to choose this kind of structured equipment is also difficult.

5.How the products are arranged in the carton:
This factor is also one of the important factors in choosing a carton packer model. For example, under the same production speed-18,000 bottles of mineral water production line per hour, one product is a box of 12 bottles, and the other product is a box of 24 bottles; the calculated speed is completely different, The former packing speed is 25 cases per minute, the latter is 12.5 cases per minute; the speed difference is more than doubled, so the structure of the machine body and packing must be different.

6.Need to know to box packing equipment structural characteristics:
After confirming the characteristics of the product, we also need to understand the characteristics of various carton packing machine, so that we can choose the equipment that is suitable for value performance.
A.drop type case packer-the device is designed based on the principle of free fall, allowing the product to fall into the carton on its own. The packing speed is generally not more than 8 cases per minute, and products with a volume of 1.5 liters or more are usually packed by this mode. However, there is a problem that when the bottle quality is not good, after falling into the carton, due to excessive force, Bottles are prone to bumps, which affects sales. This situation is generally the water and edible oil industries and lubricant bottles are not affected. Most of these two industries are currently replacing this structure’s box packer.
B. Top load case packer(pick and place type packer)-This cartoning machine sucks or clamps the product through the jig, then lifts it to the top of the carton, then lowers the gripper into the carton, and then dilutes the jig, and the product can be filled; this structure can be packed one box or multiple boxes at a time, Very suitable for application in large-volume production lines; for allotype bottle-shaped production lines, this method is also very reliable, only need to modify the fixture customization.
C. Robotic case packer-The robot is a very intelligent device that can complete various impossible actions according to your requirements. At the same time, compared with a carbon steel structure box packer, the load is greater. In some 10L, 15L, or production lines such as 30,000 bottles per hour, it is very suitable for use, the only drawback is the high cost.

The above points are the basic information we need to know when selecting a boxing machine for a bottle product production line. However, when we want to buy equipment directly according to the above points, in fact, this is risky. After all, the case packing equipment belongs to Customized, the specific use of the equipment is also related to the company’s on-site layout and use environment, it is recommended that you can find a box machine manufacturer engineer to communicate carefully.

If there is something you don’t understand, it doesn’t matter, the solution is as follows:

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