Hennopack new design E-commerce small carton special box erector machine alternative manual packaging


     Since the introduction of Taobao by Alibaba-Mayun team and the launch of Jingdong by Liu Qiangdong, China’s business model has undergone tremendous changes. Let people shop no longer limit by distance, time.E-commerce,  the new business model in the world,rapid growth in geometric form.Bringing convenience to people’s lives,but the corresponding problem is that the packaging of goods comes one after another.Carton, undoubtedly the main carrier of the current goods packing, a variety of, large or small cartons have everything. Accompanied by the problem of carton packaging for the headaches of the merchants–how to quickly package the products in the case of ensuring profits,

   Reflecting the strong demand for carton packaging for special specifications of e-commerce, hennopack puts a large amount of human and financial resources on the development of e-commerce small carton unpacking machine, sealing machine;after the Chinese ” Double eleven festivals”verification, the performance of the equipment is stable and the efficiency is high; the problem of difficulty in recruiting people in the e-commerce industry, low profit and low turnover rate has been solved, which has won unanimous favorable comments from various e-commerce manufacturers.

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