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Foucus on end of line packing system design and solving,include high speed case erector,case packer,palletizing,stretch film wrapping system and so on

10000BPH water production line secondary packing system

Industry: Bottled water production line Manufacturer Packaging solutions provided: Auto secondary packing line system Date of installation: May 2020 With the development of economy, the industrialization of cities has been increasing. For the water resources in the urban environment, these waters cannot be directly drinkable. Therefore, bottled mineral water is produced from this. The water [...]

5 things need to ensure before you want to adopt auto case erector

At present, most of our daily products are protected by carton packaging. In order to ensure the completion of daily order delivery and shipments, sufficient bottom-sealed cartons are required to satisfy operators for packing products into boxes. The advancement of technology has led to the emergence of a new type of equipment-case erector machine, which [...]

Horizontal wrapping machine solution for IKEA door panel film packing

IKEA door panel Horizontal wrapping machine solution Industry: door panel Manufacturer Packaging solutions provided: customized 1000mm diameter horizontal wrapping machine Date of installation: June 2020 IKEA is a world-renowned furniture and household goods retailer from Sweden. There are many branches all over the world, and China is no exception. At present, a company specializing in [...]

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Surprising case auto flap-fold sealer expandable functions

Kraft paper carton boxes are widely used in various industries as product protection packaging around the world, and carton sealing machines also have a certain history following the development of carton. They were first developed and manufactured in Europe and America to replace labor and improve production efficiency; After China joined the WTO, advanced automated [...]

Learn more about the optional functions of online rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper

In the age of the Internet, technological development is changing rapidly. With the help of high technology, traditional mechanical equipment has greatly improved all aspects of performance and functions, and its overall strength and market combat power have also rapidly improved. The application of automation technology in packaging machinery eliminates the need for human operation [...]

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