MBP-40F is an auto bag closer/ folding machine/automatic bag folder machine/bag sealer machine/automatic bag sealer. It is working with the Bag inserter, weight machine, case filling machine. When the carton finishes inserting the bag and loading products into the bag folding machine will automatically un-cuffs a filled polybag in a box, clear of the case flaps, opens the side flaps and folds the polybag into a neat two-way fold within the dimensions of the case to protect the product. If you looking for a solution for the sealing or folding of bags which inserted in carton box or tray containers or octa bins with frozen fish and meat, bakery products, vegetables, fruits and nuts, cream bulk, preforms, resins or tobacco,semi-liquid oils and fats, hardware and plastics, our unique bag sealer or folder can provide the help to you.

Technical Parameters

Model MBP-40F
Power supply 380V 50Hz, 2KW,could be customized
Box size L250-500*W200-400*H150-400mm
Bag size W 370 * H 920mm,could be customized
Folding speed 6-8 pcs/min
Machine size L2100*2000*H1920mm
Box incoming height 500mm
Weight of machine 550kg
Machine material carbon steel or stainless steel

For other parameter options, please contact Hennopack.

Machine Specification

1. Folding made-to-measure and wrinkle-free bags into containers, the bag closer offers a low running cost.
2. Curved corner seals for pick bags success, preventing the bag from getting trapped into the corners of the box.
3. Registering and bi-directional folding ensures perfect bag closing and avoids contact between the product and carton.
4. Option fully auto-adjustable for multiple sizes, no manual adjustments required for a format change.
5. Controlled bag inserter.
6. Combine with bag inserter or box filling machine r weight machine.
7.Option with second integrated folding station,speed up to 10 box per minute.
8.Siemens PLC control system, Mitsubishi servo motor, SMC pneumatic software, stable and efficient

MBP-40F is an auto bag closing machine. It is working with the Bag inserter. When the carton finishes inserting the bag, and loading products into the bag, the bag folding machine will fold the bag automatically and transport it to the case sealer to close the carton and sealed with adhesive taper. You can refer below Integrated system packing line.

If you find that the bag in box(liner) machine information above is not enough to solve your problem, it does not matter, click contact the engineer for more technical information.

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