Hennopack MTL-10 Auto Box bottom Lock tray former is a self-locking tray erector that erects corrugated trays with no glue or no adhesive tape, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to typical tray erectors. How can we open the bottom carton and close it, There are two steps, one is, erects the carton by the suction cup, second is, lock the bottom of the carton, it doesn’t need the tape to seal the carton. Packing speed: 10 ctns per min.

Auto-locking tray erector
Auto Box bottom Lock tray former MTL-10
 Model  MTL-10 series
  Power supply  220v/380v,50Hz
  Box size  L180*W170*H60(can be customized)
  Forming speed  10-15pcs/min
  Machine size  L1800×W1200×H1700mm(customized)
  Table height  600mm

Lock Box Former Product Description

1.Affordable, short runs, reduced labor, portable, small footprint, and self-locking feature!

2Adopts PLC+ display control, which greatly facilitates operation, management, and reduces production personnel and labor intensity. It is an indispensable equipment for automated scale production.

3.Erects multiple size trays on the same machine, runs large or small trays, with or without a lid. Quick changeover features allow tray sizes to be adjusted in a matter of minutes.

4.Use for any self-locking tray, including one-tuck, two-tuck, multituck, and for more intricate display trays required by club stores.

Standard Technical specification((others on demand)

*Output (according format): up to 10-15 boxes/min.
*Controlled by PLC.
*Control panel with LCD colour touch screen.
*Electric power: based on the country of destination.
*Installed power: 2 Kw.
*Air pressure: 6-7 bar.


*multile-box size erector series.
*Output motorized conveyor.
*Ethernet connection for remote monitoring (VPN).
*Special dimensions.

Auto Box Bottom Lock Tray Former Reference Video

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