Auto robot palletizing& stretch wrapper & RGV car transfer& pallet label system for the food industry

Auto robot palletizing& stretch wrapper & AGV car transfer& pallet label system for the food industry
Industry: food industry secondary packing.
Solution Include ABB robot palletizer, RGV car transfer load pallet system, Load pallet rotary arm film wrapping packing with a top foil cover, pallet label paste system.
Date of delivery: July 2020

With the rise of COVID19, more people realize that staying at home will be a very safe way of protection, which also leads to more free time for people, and they gradually like to digest more snacks in space and time. This also led to an increase in online retail food sales during the epidemic.
Based on the above situation, Henno Packaging was invited to design a fully automated end packaging production line for certain retail food production companies to minimize personnel contact. After all, in the epidemic, even recruiting enough personnel, but also need to pay more costs, at the same time, infection prevention and control is still difficult to eliminate, it is easy to infect users through the residual virus on the surface of the food.

Fully automated load pallet packaging production line

Henno packaging technology team and customer production process team conducted a process to transfer and technical discussions, and jointly designed a fully automatic palletizing packaging line, as shown in the following video.
robot palletizer with rgv car transferThe solution is based on the customer’s incoming materials, using a spiral conveyor line, from the top floor to the first floor, and then into the robot palletizing station. Taking into account the personnel operation and equipment stability, we use German ABB robots. One palletizing equipment is responsible for the palletizing of three carton specifications. At the same time, the robot gripper takes into automatic suction slip sleet for the top of the empty pallet, the sponge sucker will suck two or three boxes of products at a time, and then place the cartons according to the arrangement. The conveying and distribution method of empty pallets adopts an automatic pallet feeder. Replenish palletizing workstations at any time.

When the customer’s site is 20 meters long and 13 meters wide, it involves 7 specifications of palletizing methods, space is small and more steps that need to finish. We chose the AGV car to transport the transferred products. This truck can transfer the pallets that have been palletized according to the system PLC instructions. The space layout is more flexible, and the overall cost is also more saved.

Food needs to be packaged in the outer carton of the product for long-distance transportation. We need to protect it from water and moisture to avoid food damage and pollution. Here, we choose five-sided stretch film packaging. The rotary arm stretch wrapper machine integrates the top sheet dispenser to achieve these five face wrap demands. One machine location is enough to complete two packaging functions, the efficiency can complete the packaging efficiency of 25 pallets per hour.
pallet label machine The last step is the label sticking system, because, during the transportation or delivery to the customer, we need to provide whether the weight or number of the products match, or check the product which in this load pallet whether safety; this label sticking system uses an instant printer and the conveyor line has a weighing function. The printing system collects the weighing data. At the same time, according to the type of product conveyed at the front end, the product name, weight, time, and other necessary information in the load tray are printed on the label, and then pasted on the side of the loaded pallet. This label can quickly complete the delivery work through the scanner during subsequent storage on the shelf and shipment.

Overall the Hennopack pallet fully auto palletizing and film wrapping packing and label paste system have provided a massive operational improvement, Solving easily infected with viruses, increased labor costs, delivery of orders on time, increased production, and other problems. In addition, it also solves the problem of turnover efficiency and cargo safety traceability during transportation.


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