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MS206CR  Auto Turntable Stretch Wrapper With Remote Controlled is a kind of Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect them from dust, moisture or damage. It can start by remote control and realize automatic film apply and automatic film  cutting , saving manpower and multi-function, especially suitable for printing, plastic, toys, electronics and other industries.

Item Parameters
Turntable Diameter1500mm,1650mm,1800mm,customized design
Wrapping Height2100mm,accept customized design
Loading Weight2000kg max
Turntable Speed0-15rpm,speed variable,turntable soft &soft stop
Packing Speed30-45 pallets/hour
Carriage Speed0-3m/min,speed varibale
Cut Methodinstant heater
Control SystemPLC program logic control
Air Press0.4~0.7 Mpa
Wrapping Setingswrap cycls/top wraps/bottom wraps/over wrap
Working ModeRemote control/manual
Machine Weight850kg

MS206CR Auto Remote Control Stretch Wrapper In Printing

1.PLC controlled, easy wrapping program setting.

2.Both one touch automatic programs and manual run are available.

3.Film tension, turntable speed & carriage speed adjustable on panel.

4.Automatic detection of pallet height by photocell.

5.Accept wrapping machine custom design,such as color、 configuration、 performance、 appearance、 material、wrapping height、loading weight、control system、wrapping  size and so on.

Our Advantages

1.250% power stretch, film savings.

2.Open type carriage for easy film threading.

3.Carriage driven by dual chain system.

4.Stretch film can be auto applied and auto cutted,high effect;

5.Can use with MT107 Top Dispenser,Implement product five – sided packaging, waterproof, dustproof, anti – theft.

6.professional R&D department,can be offer you the oem/odm service.

7.Technique team support you to slove the testing issue and tell you more information about security system solution;

8.Provide training course for sales,like product technique questions and how to service at customer;

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