Automatic case erector with bottom Blind Stapling system

All along, in the market, carton  molding then bottom sealing is the use of tape or hot melt adhesives sealing, and those can adopt automatic box erector to realize. It is a wide range sealing method for many companies to choose. For carton boxes with nail binding seals machine, they are usually implemented manually. After all, the market demand is small, and few people are going to research and develop. For boxes which need to be sealed with nails, most of them are manual Blind Stapler. This will be a laborious task for the worker, while at the same time inefficient, not conducive to the growth of corporate profits.
In combination with the actual box erecting and sealing situation in the carton packing world, Shenzhen Hennopackaging Technology Co., LTD. specializes in negotiating with blind Stapler equipment suppliers to customize a blind nailing machine suitable for horizontal high-speed case box-opening machine combination, which realizes automatic forming and automatic nail sealing at the bottom. This horizontal type carton erector with blind nail sealing has below feature:
1.carton opening and all flap folding is done with mechanical cam devices;
2.PLC + screen control greatly facilitates the operation,monitor, and troubleshoot operations anytime, anywhere;
3. Box molding and blind stapling system speed can reach 15-20 carton per minute, especially suitable for automated production lines, such as the soy sauce industry, fiber industry
4. Combine the stapling systems carton erector with bag inserter, case sealer, cartoning machine, label machine, case packer to profit from a fully automatic packing line;
5. The all-mechanical system is extremely simple and easy to observe and troubleshoot using the slow-motion / jog operation, The operator or mechanic can observe the complete case forming cycle at this slow, full function speed.

Automatic horizontal type carton erector with stapling systems reference video

If your carton is currently being manually blind nailed and you want to find an automatic blind stapling system to solve this problem, please contact us for technical support.(



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