Automatic N95 mask making and packaging production line against resist coronavirus disease COVID-19

2019-2020 is a disaster-stricken year. People all over the world are deeply hurt, and the departure of family and friends is leave every day; not to mention the emergence of coronavirus, this virus is a mutual Infection, and for the first time found, there is currently no effective prevention measures, only self-isolation, or wearing protective measures, but as the global epidemic continues to spread, masks and other epidemic prevention supplies are in short supply, in a state of shortage of supply, leading to an increase in the number of people infected ,The mortality rate continues to rise, and the biggest impact among them is that people do not have enough protective materials, such as protective clothing, masks, etc.; it is precisely recognized that this serious hazard , the Henno packaging technology team decided to use the company ‘s intelligent equipment development technology and Experience, set out to develop a fully automatic N95/KN95 mask production line, improve the production efficiency of N95 masks, and contribute to the fight against the epidemic.
N95 face mask making machineAfter discuss and cooperating with the R & D team, purchasing team, processing team, electrical engineers, and 3D design, computer simulation, programming and other steps, we have developed a semi-automatic KN95 / N95 mask production line and a fully automatic KN95 / N95 mask production line. Let us see the advantages of this fully automatic mask production line:
1. The whole equipment is fully automated
2. High stability, low failure rate, beautiful appearance and no rust
3. PLC programming control, servo drive, the high degree of automation
4. Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure the balance of raw material tension
5. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste
N95 mask making production lineTechnical parameter:
1. Equipment size: 9500MM*1400MM*1900MM
2. Appearance color: off-white, If there is no special instructions, please follow this standard
3. Equipment weight: ≤1500kg, ground bearing ≤160KG / m2
4. Working power supply: equipment 380VAC ± 5 ﹪, 50HZ, rated power about 8KW
5. Compressed air: 0.6 ~ 0.8 MPa, the flow rate is about 300L / min
6. Operating environment: temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃, humidity 5-35% HR, no flammable, corrosive gas, no dust (cleanness is not less than 100,000)
Product configuration and parameters:

Packing Effectiveness40-50 pcs/min
Control systemDelta/Mitsubishi PLC control
servo motorDelta/Mitsubishi/Panasonic
Total power8.5KW
VoltageAC 220v 50hz
Gas pressure0.5-0.8Mpa
Pneumatic componentsAirtac
Ultrasonic components20KHZ OR 15KHZ
Pass rate≥99%
Nose bridgebuilt-in nose bridge
Machine sizeL9500*W1600*H1900mm

The above are some basic knowledge of this fully automatic KN95 / N95 mask automatic production line. This production line has a high degree of automation, continuous production is stable and reliable, and has received orders from more than ten domestic production lines. “The development of the mask production line this time is also Henno Packaging’s ‘self-help’ behavior during the virus.” The chairman said, “Accelerating planning and responding quickly is the key to turning crisis into opportunity. We use our technology to provide protection contribution of material supply also finds new breakthroughs for the development of enterprises, and minimizes the losses caused by the epidemic situation to production and operation.

If your country is under attack by coronavirus disease COVID-19, I think you can also consider purchasing such a fully automatic production line, or a semi-automatic mask production line; this is not only for business reasons but also because of our own country, our friends, Children, wives need us to fight, to give them a little meager strength to win this battle of viruses.

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