Automatic special corrugated carton box tray erecting Machine is mainly used for the production and processing of Siamese cover packaging cartons box, widely used in clothing, footwear box;Handicrafts, daily necessities packaging; electronics, electrical,fruit and vegetable boxes tray former;As well as hardware, standard parts and other products need to packaging the processing of cartons category.

Main Features 

1.Imported glue CIGNA intelligent system for automatic spray compensate function;
2.Cardboard automatic feed, feed coherent operation, edging, folding side and folded into the molding action once completed;
3.PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracking system, gas source detection operation system, touch screen man Machine interface, implement the carton forming process automation;
4.Infrared security system to ensure safe operation personnel;
5.Automatic fault diagnosis function;
6.Quick die adjustment device;
7.Rack cage design, the overall processing, packet type combination;
8.Small machine footprint, good stability.

Technical parameters

Product name  Fruit,shoe,special carton tray forming machine
Name tray erecting machine
Thickness of cardboard 1.5-3mm
Speed  700-1000piece/h
Noice below 80db
Cardboard stacking height 800mm
Stacked weight 100kg
Glue capacity 30L
Total power 6kw
Air source 400L/min
Machine weight 800kg
Machine size 2050*1350*2000mm
Package Size
Min.Size 160mm
 Max.Size 620mm
  Min.Size 260mm
  Max.Size 810mm
 Carton size
Min.Size 180mm
  Max.Size 660mm
Min.Size 120mm
  Max.Size 450mm
  Min.Size 20mm
  Max.Size 130mm
Inside edge size:R   Min.Size 20mm
  Max.Size 40mm

Automatic Special Corrugated Box Tray Erecting Machine Reference Video

electronics, electrical,fruit and vegetable boxes forming machine

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