MB-40 Polybag Inserter Machine is designed according to the independent research and development of the market demand, is a great time and cost saving solution, that allows you to either fill directly into your box without another packaging or to offer better protection for your precious product, by enveloping the product in a protected plastic bag layer. The machine movement by the servo motor and cylinder to cooperate to complete, fast, stable, suitable for food, chemical, metal, plastic, and other industries use. It can protect against dust, moisture, leakage and so on.

Item  Parameters
Model MB-40
Bag inserting speed 6-8 ctns/min
Packing material Plastic Roll Film, Plastic bag inserter
Carton size range L250-500*W200-400*H150-400mm
Film or bag width 460-840 mm
Film length equation Box: L+W+150mm = required film length
air blower system option
Power supply 110V/220V/380V/400V, 50HZ/60HZ
Air compressing 6kg/cm³
Machine size L2100*W1610*H1940 MM
Machine weight 600kg

MB40 Auto Polybag Inserter Machine

1. Automatic carton box bagging machine adopts multi-servo control, fast, accurate and stable;

2.Automatic completion of carton input, positioning, bag output, sealing, entry box, cutting film, folding edge, carton box output;

3The automatic bagging insert machine can be connected to case erector and case filling packer to realize fully auto packing line;

4. Also have round bucket bagging machine., suitable for circular packing products;

5. Plastic bag inserting machine is suitable for food, oil, grease, oil, spices, solid state biscuits, snack food, bulk packing food, raw materials, beverage, chemical, hardware, screws, electronics, rubber, plastic products such as plastic sack packaging. Have the effect of moistureproof, dustproof, anti-theft.

Our Advantages

1.  Heavy duty built, both steel and stainless steel types;
2. After hours of technical assistance for emergencies and oversea install service;
3. The professional R&D department can offer you a customized service;
4.OEM/ODM and small or large orders all welcome and accept to visit the bag inserter factory and testing;
5. Provide training course for sales, Training includes: servicing, installation, and start-up, programming;
6.widely suitable for various products such as frozen food, processed food products, agricultural products, electronic products, stationery, plastic products, hardware parts, toys, powders, and liquid ;
7. Option add air blower system to pressed against the interior walls and bottom of the box to make the observe bag which is especially suitable for food packaging.
8.Our PE bag inserting machines could combine with case erector, bag folder powder filling machine to integrated one high-efficiency automatic packing line, it is suitable for handle chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paint powders, food ingredients and bread improvers industry packaging.

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