Every year to may points is China to eat lobster season, whether it is e-commerce cooked crayfish market or live lobster, are hot to sale!
       Right now, in Wuhan city, China, there is a crayfish farmer a few thousand pounds of cooked shrimp out of the warehouse one day, this can be busy bad many factory workers, 24 hours a day without stop working overtime packaging shipment!
      In order to make the crayfish out of the warehouse faster, the business owner chose Henno packaging automatic coating magic device high-speed side sealing shrink film packaging machine, automatic high-speed carton box erecting machine and vertical type case unpacking machine to help the product upgrade and improve the packaging efficiency.

status of industry

Industry point

solve solution

Multiple worker packaging, labor cost is highfully auto packing line-only need one people operation
Crayfish boxed pure manual packing, slow speedFull automatic high-speed sealing shrink packing machine 60 packs/min, no staff required
The packaging effect is uneven and the brand image is poorShrink flat, sealed neatly, beautiful appearance, conducive to sales


  1. Automation

The carton erector’s speed is fast, forming box can reach 30 boxes/min, the automatic high-speed sealing and shrinking packaging machine can reach 60 packages/min, 1 line per hour can reach 10,000 boxes, the whole packaging process to achieve unmanned operation.

  1. High efficiency

Without manual operation, the daily production can reach 80,000 boxes, reducing the risk of unqualified product packaging, and providing more safety protection for cooked crayfish.

3, save labor

Each line only needs to arrange 1-3 employees to monitor the packaging process, so as to reduce labor productivity and improve production efficiency.

  1. Save enterprise costs
  • human resource costs
  • material production cost
  • workshop management costs
  • workshop utilization cost

Field production Image

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