Case erecting, case packer, Integrated Case Sealing,corner sealing & Palletizing for Daily necessities

project overview

This contract manufacturer of private label hair care products in southern China is automating the packaging process on one of their two production lines to reduce the impact of the covid-19 virus on their product production in order to maintain shipments.

The earliest production line was fixed due to the capacity of the filler production, and the current contract with a repeat customer had left it at capacity, so the other line was critical to keep production flowing.
box palletizing system
objective1:cost-efficientlymeetingproduction goals
The current manufacturing equipment included semi-automatic filling and manual packing. With ongoing staffing shortages and the covid-19 always affect labor health, the likelihood of increasing production volumes dependent on manual labor wasn’t realistic. Plus, staff injuries were becoming costly as a result of the poor ergonomics associated with heavy lifting.

Having already purchased a filling machine, shrink wrapping machine, they hoped to work with a company that has the integrated experience and customized capacity that could combine current equipment and also supply the remaining machinery to complete the line.

Hennopack solve Solutions
Initially, the customer reached out to Henno pack for an MPK-12K case erector and MPC-50 case sealer but expanded their order to include an MTP-01 case packer, MPG-50 corner sealer, and a robot palletizer when they learned that turnkey end of line secondary packaging solutions was available. Hennopack was experienced working with the filling machine manufacturer as well, so integrating that piece of equipment into the line would not be a challenge.

Due to multiple product specifications of the daily hair products, all equipment was manufactured suitable for multiple box size applications for reducing customer labor operation erector mpk-12k

Objective2: Occupancy Small space to reach more workstation automation & line flexibility

Daily hair care products, the production workshop area is generally more compact; after all, this industry is different from drinking water, the same product will have a large number of production orders, and hair care products, usually according to different customers custom production applications; the number of each order is determined; although the number of orders per batch is determined, but it is the same packaging needs to go through multiple packaging processes, respectively, carton forming, product into boxes, box sealing, four corner edge sealing, and box palletizing stacking on the pallet.

The customer wanted to use automated equipment to replace manual labor in all of the above packaging processes; with COVID-19 impact, fewer people would be involved and more people would be protected. At the same time, their e-commerce sales were skyrocketing due to COVID-19 impacts; with opportunities on one side and risks on the other, they were looking for a compact, flexible, and growth-compatible design option.
Hennopack Solutions
Hennopack technology has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of product carton packaging equipment; for most of the equipment of the work station, in line with the use of most industries, are modular design and production, so that these devices can be easily moved to set new locations as needed; the these devices are compact design and small volume; but in this system, taking into account the customer site area application less; At the carton stacking on the cardboard station, we adopt the integrated way to flexible design; the gripper takes into pick carton products and grab the empty pallet together; this can eliminate the space of automatic pallet distribution machine, only need forklift each time a certain number of stacked pallets placed in the conveyor line can be; at the back end of the increased design of the production line only requires two people to complete the entire The additional design of the line at the back end requires only two people to complete the operation of the entire production line. Meet the customer’s application needs.
palletizing system
objective 3:minimal total cost of ownership
The whole end of the line of integrated automation system solutions, we are not only pursuing the cost of the equipment itself but still need to consider the low cost of the equipment in long-term use, as well as the rapid response of the technical team for fault resolution. Of course, when every company puts a complete production packing line into operation, they prefer suppliers to integrate the purchase of all workstation equipment to reduce the time lost in the communication process.

Hennopack solve solutions

As the production factory of Henno Packaging Technology is located in Dongguan, the driving distance from the customer’s factory is less than 1.5 hours; at the same time, we provide 24/7 technical support team; customers believe they can get timely support to solve their problems anytime and anywhere when they need; meanwhile, all equipment of Henno Packaging Technology is equipped with remote access function as standard, which can provide timely remote support to solve problems within five minutes.

As an experienced OEM and whole line integrator, HENNOPACK acts as a single point of contact for all processes of the customer’s project, simplifying the customer’s logistic work.
Finally, all modularized equipment adopts standard machine interface, which reduces the learning difficulty of operators and at the same time makes it easier for employees to get up and running.

Sequence of Operations

A Hennopack MPK-12K case erector uses a vertical magazine that can stack 80-100 pcs cardboard, it will pickoff and opposing vacuum to folding knockdown RSCs(regular slotted containers). carton bottom short flap and length flap are closed and the adhesive tape is applied to the bottom of the case sealing as it translated in the machine. The unpacking box is discharged upright and conveyed away.

carton cases are conveyed on a lineshaft roller conveyor to the Hennopack MTP-01 case packer. all product will arrange on the pick table according to the place type; when the case arrives the place position, open support cylinder will open case top flap mouth, then the packer gripper grab the product move forward and then load into the box.

case exit the case packer and are transferred to the weight and rejecting machine to check the box whether place enough product into the carton.Only qualified products can be circulated in the market.

Case exit the weighter and then direct conveyor to the top case sealer machine,this machine will auto flap box to flap and then make the box center sealing by the adhesive tape. Next process will through via a 90-degree pop up into a Henno pack MPG-50 corner sealer to make box four corner adhei\sive tape sealing.

Finally, the sealed case arrived to the palletizing gripping conveyor, then it will palletizing by the Hennopack robot palletizer. The palletizer features is integrated pick empty pallet to the place position,and then to pick box load into the empty pallet.This design can save the customer’s input cost while reducing the equipment space.when a full pallet is complete,it will conveyor to the buffer roller ,then the operatior will removes the complete pallet load with a fork truck.The robot will pick and place a new empty pallet to the palletizing line and then palletizing continues.


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