Case Erector Product’s Maintenance And Care

1) Case Erecting Equipment on the motor, cylinder and other components with refueling holes, to be regularly refueling and maintenance. (Refueling cycle, according to the actual situation and parts requirements may be).
2) The device screw, nut and other parts of the friction type please add butter to keep lubrication.
3) Linear bearings, the optical axis, please add liquid lubricants. Do not add solid butter to avoid dust accumulation, damage to bearings.
4) Case Erecting Machine’s Belts need to be replaced regularly. (Depending on the frequency of use and extent of damage)
5) In case there is a cutter on the equipment, please clean the cutter timely to keep the knife clean and improve the durability of the cutter. Appear cut off the situation, please change the cutter.
6) Equipment parts to ground cleaning. Especially activity department. Avoid dust accumulation, affecting equipment operation. Maintain one day a small clean, clean every Monday the habit. Equipment durability will be greatly enhanced.
7) Cleaning case former should not use water. We recommend using a special cleaning agent to wipe. Cleaning and maintenance, you must power off gas, to ensure safety.
8) To conduct daily inspections of equipment and found that screws, loose blocks and other parts are loose, to be promptly locked. In order to avoid loose parts caused by equipment failure.

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