Case erector&robot case packer&palletizer packing line solution for a USA plastic baskets manufacturer

Case erector&robot case packer&palletizer packing line solution for a USA plastic baskets manufacturer
Client: plastic basket manufacturer
Packing solution offer: case auto erecting, robot pick and placer, case sealer, case side label paste, robot palletizer, and stretch film wrapping solution.
Industry: plastic baskets industry.
Date of installation:March 2020

Hennopack was approached by a USA plastic baskets manufacturer china representative office to work with them on a fully automatic packing line project. These plastic baskets are used to display products on shelves or in farmers’ homes, it is an affordable plastic carrier for anyone. Their project manager hopes the objective of the project was to completely automate the packaging of very low-value plastic baskets.

Through our technical engineer with production managers ‘ discussion, we created a process where the goods were placed on a tray conveyor, they then moved to the robot pick and place into an empty carton box, the empty carton will be unpacked by the case erector, case top flap fold and sealer, carton box side labeled, and then ABB robot pick full box and place on the empty pallet top, finally will be wrapping film around the load-pallet four sides.

As the below 3D layout demonstrates, a vertical type case erector is used to form the box and then bottom flap fold and sealing, it could add the paper cardboard without stop; a carton sealer is used for the box top flap fold and tape sealing, it suitable for a range box size use, you just manual adjust by crank;  a corner sealer is used for carton four side corner tape seal, a label machine for carton size label paste.
Hennopack plastic basket robot case packer and palletzer system

In the plastic basket into the box step, we install one ABB robot arm which automatically picks the basket and places it into the carton, eliminating the need for an operator to do this task. In addition, we have configured an automatic support mechanism to open the folding at the top of the carton at a certain distance, so as to facilitate the robot to place products up and down. Traditionally this was a manual function that will affect the employer’s health, also takes more than one worker to operate it, and it also requires a certain amount of rest time. This risk of human error&employee injury has been eliminated by the robot arm case packer, in the meantime, it could work 24 hours, will cause more profit for the company with a little maintenance.

The empty pallet can be on the pallet dispenser at any given time without stopping by the forklift driver. And then he could unloading the pallet which packing finish by the stretch film at the production line end. For the film wrapping machine, due to the plastic basket’s weight is light, and the palletizing height more than 2500mm, we choose the rotary type stretch wrapper, because its movement path is around the goods movement, will not produce a centrifugal force on the product, the product is well protected.

Based on the plastic basket fully automatic secondary packaging line is used in the United States, our customer has a number of a specific requirement for this robot case packer&palletizer&wrapping solution, in particular, safety issues, UL certification is required for all equipment electrical configurations. These particular features design to reduce nuisance trips and maximize the safety of the operator. In order to meet that special requirement, our ABB robot body which uses for the case packer or palleting application all import from Swiss, and the PLC, air components all from the Japanese brand.

This installation was designed by the Hennopack Packaging team. The designs were then sent to the representative office’s center where the machine was built and tested to meet customer’s strict quality assurance standards. Once shipped to the USA, the installation process was completed & working within 2 weeks.

Overall the full automatic packing solution which combines case erector&robot case packer&palletizer&stretch wrapper could keed work 24 hours, only two people to monitor the total line, it removing all manual staff handling they experienced a significant decrease in the amount of OH&S claims. Also effectively avoid virus infection at the deal with extremely busy periods.


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