MBP40 Plastic Polybag maker inserter inserts a bags liner in a container which made-to-measure liner from a roll stock film made to measure, open and cuff the bag over the flaps of the container, blow air to expand the bag to fit on the internal wall of container better. The bag liner placer machine reduces labor and material costs, is simple to operate, and is easy to adjust. High efficiency and labor-saving. Specifications: Inserting capacity: 6-8pcs per min, Hennopack is also able to manufacture high-speed carton lining machines with 12 cartons/minute.our bag inserters provide perfectly inserted bags into the box, crates, drum, plastic buskets, Tin barrel or other containers. Could be integrated with our carton former, bag sealing machine, case palletizer, carton sealer, and filling machine (OEM) as a completely automatic packaging line, for example, bulk snack packaging line; Edible oil filling packing line; shea butter filling packing line, etc.

auto polybag inserting machine
ModelMBP40 Ploy bag maker inserter
Carton Box SizeL(250-450)mm*W(200-400)*H(150-450)mm(accept customized)
Insert speed6-8 cases per minute(different size, different speed)can choose high speed version:10-12 box/min
Power Supply220V-380V,50Hz,
Power2.50kw(high speed inserting version will be 4.5kw)
Air pressure6-7 bar
Air consumption100NL per minute
Poly film width460-840mm; if the film is non-gusseted foil, Max. S(reel film width) = 800 mm (S = half of circumference of the film).(means half of the circumference of the case+80mm≤800mm)

width – height relationH+W/2≤ 600mm
Input Table Height500±50mm
Machine SizeL:2500mm*W:1600*H:2000mm(based on different box size will difference)
Machine Weight800kg
Machine ColorMilky white body, aluminum frame, blue plexiglass(accept  customized)
Machine Framecarbon steel or Sanitary SUS304
Application materialnon-gusseted foil or gusseted foil, thickness more than 30μ
Inserting typeDirect placing or contrary  inserting

Standard Technical specification((others on demand)

*Output (according format): up to 8-12 boxes/min.
*Controlled by PLC.(USA-Allen Brandley/Germany-Simens/Japan-Mitshubishi)
*Control panel with LCD colour touch screen.
*Double coil for rapid change.
*Electric power: based on the country of destination.
*Installed power: 2 -5Kw(based on you choose what speed inserting)
*Air pressure: 6-7 bar.

Coil specifications

Standard coil without precut or preformed bag.
Material: PE film (LDPE, HDPE). Film thickness: up to 30-100 microns.
Coil width: 460 – 840 mm(Non-gusseted foil-800mm).

Versions–Stainless steel 304 ,Aluminum profile or Carbon steel


*Bag blower module.
*Output motorized conveyor.
*Ethernet connection for remote monitoring (VPN).
*Special dimensions.
*Integrated Erecting with inserting function

Product Description

1. Automatically complete carton input, positioning, poly film output, back cover, box entry, film cutting, hemming, heat sealing, smoothing, carton output.

2. Adopts PLC+ display control, which greatly facilitates operation, management, and reduces production personnel and labor intensity. It is an indispensable equipment for automated scale production.

3. With the case erector machine, case packer machine and case sealer, complete the unpacking, bagging, heat sealing, packing, and packaging process.

3. Plastic bagging inserting machine realizes unmanned online packaging.

4. Easy to operate, reduce packaging costs.


Carton ploy bag insert machine is suitable for cut tobacco, solid oil, oil, edible oil, condiment, biscuit, snack food, loose packaged food, raw materials, beverage, chemical, electronics, rubber, plastic, stationery, toys, etc waterproof package.

carton polybag maker inserter machine

MBP-40H A high-speed bagmaker inserter machine automatically makes and inserts PE bags from a reel of foil into all types of containers, a bag inserting machine with a maximum speed of 12 boxes per minute.

Sanitary plastic bag maker inserter

MBP-40S Sanitary bagmaker inserter for applications in industries with high hygiene requirements or where corrosion is present; to ensure product safety and hygiene and equipment life; e.g. butter, palm oil, frozen fish, etc.

MBP-40 bagmaker inserter is mainly designed for small enterprises or special industries with low production line speed, it has a low input cost and a bag insertion speed of 6-8 cases per minute, which meets most of the industries.

drum bag inserter

MBP-40D Drum barrel bag inserter designed mainly for round or shaped containers auto bag placing developed to reduce labor exposure to products that contaminate the body and affect health, such as paints, chemical liquids, etc industry or to avoid moisture in the product, corrosion of the container.

Big box polybag inserter

The MBP-40B is an automatic made-to-measure bag from a reel of film with a highly autonomous, trouble-free bag inserter designed for a wide range of oversized container bag placing; it is commonly used in metal boxes for the rubber industry, large cartons for tobacco, etc.

Combine the polybag inserter MBP-40 with case erector, case sealer, plastic bag sealing machine, label machine, filling machine, and palletizer to profit from a fully automatic packing line—-contact us.

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