carton box sealer manufacturer

Its own independent production plant, delivery on time, quality and affordable

*More than 30 employees, the plant covers a total area of ​​3,000 square meters;Have a bending machine, cutting machine, welding more than one, to ensure delivery worry-free;
*One-stop shopping, self-production, the same quality and excellent price, for our customers to provide time-saving effort, save money and quality service;
*Has more than 10 years of rich experience in production management, with mature and stable management team.

High-quality material + perfect processing equipment; ensure quality and quality, make the equipment more stable

*The moment from the beginning of material selection, product quality has been different. HengNuo intelligent equipment every choice of material for your sake, only for you to use more stable and more durable machine;

*Our components are used internationally renowned brands. Electrical components brands such as SIEMENS, Schneider, OMRON, IDEC, pneumatic components brands such as SMC, FESTO, AirTAC, CHELIC, high-quality components allow our equipment to run more stable and more secure to ensure the interests of buyers.

A full range of equipment models, choose more; from the case erector, case packer, case sealer, box strapper to palletizing, no need to find a second supplier

*Has an independent product research and development centers, more than 10 experienced scientific research and technical personnel, continue to improve the product and research and development of new products;

*We provide a full range of one-stop solutions, from automatic carton box erecting machine, case filiing machine, sealing machine, palletizing, etc., choose Hengnuo, make the production easier.

Improve after-sales service, from pre-sales to after-sales, there are professional people tracking maintenance.

*Pre-sale, sale, sale tracking service to ensure that customers solve any problem in a timely manner, 7 * 24-hour fast response;

*Provide customized services, allowing you to buy the machine more suitable for your product;

*Products from the selection, processing, assembly, technology, commissioning, quality control, to the sales department, all departments are equipped with professionals, peace of mind.

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