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    Hennopack focuses on the development and production-related with case tray Flexible application packing machine with industry-leading versatility with built a range series of robust, reliable end of line packing machines from box formers to packers, closers, and palletizers. Our equipment adopts international famous brand control system, such as Allen Brandley from the United States, Siemens from Europe, Mitsubishi from Asia, etc.; considering that each factory has different equipment, we uses Ethernet to interact with each other; it is perfect for upstream and downstream automatic docking.
    More than 5,000 companies use our carton packing machine, Simultaneously team technicians have more than 10 years of experience in customer field problem solving and can provide you with reliable, high-value, non-standard case and tray packing solutions, including box liner polybag inserter, closer, sealer, etc related equipment.
      Do you want to give your product with complete end-of-line solutions to automate the final stages of your carton product? Trust the experience of a long-term automation expert and explore modern features to support reliability, ease-of-use, and fast changeover processes designs.

Case erecting

 Carton erecting machines are at the center of carton packaging. They provide the means to form a packaging carton from carton board blanks, skillets. We offer a wide variety of automatic tape case erecting machines and automatic glue case erecting machines to form and seal RSC and HSC corrugated cases in order to integrate an efficient, cost-effective packaging line…

Tray forming

    Tray erectors automatically form your corrugated cardboard or solid board trays enabling the processing of high volumes of cases saving labor, time, and money. Our tray erecting machinery caters to all tray styles including two-piece packaging; tray and shrink film; low wall trays; high wall trays; display trays; four corner glued trays and 45-degree corner trays, fruit & vegetable tray…

Case linering

Carton liner placer automatically makes bags from a roll of gusseted polyethylene tubing or handles pre-sealed bags on a roll, places the bag into a case, crate, drum or try and cuffs the bag over the edges to provide a hygienically lined container ready for bulk filling with a variety of food and non-food products, minimize your bag’s cost and benefit from the most hygienic packaging…..

Case Placing

Case packing equipment helps you be more productive by packing products quickly and efficiently. Hennopack offers drop packers, three-in-one packers, pick and place packers, horizontal case loaders, and semi-auto packing machines. We can suggest the right automated packing system based on your product. Eliminate manual labor and automate all your corrugated box placing needs…

Case sealing

Case sealers ensure products are secure using either tape or hot-melt glue. Hennopack’s case sealers integrate with our case packers, erector,  polybag inserter to offer a reliable complete end of line packaging system that increases quality and productivity. we manufacture a wide range of box sealers model to handle any structure RSC carton such as overlapping or sequentially folded flaps or tuck-folded flaps.

Case labeling

 After the box is sealed, if there is no marking on the outside of the carton, it will be easy to lose the product or need to re-open the box to see; either one will make the company produce losses, and the sticky label can well control the quality of this box of products and handling. The Hennopack Box labeling system can print and stick unique labels for each case of products or for the same batch of the same category…

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Case scaning

In some logistics warehouses or production lines with multiple batches and small quantities, will be mixed to transport, but at the end of the stacking needs to be triaged; or in the pharmaceutical and food industries, taking into account the safety issues, need to establish a tracking system for each box of products; carton scanning system can easily automatically realize the triage or traceability information to establish…

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Case palletizing

Robotic palletizing provides manufacturers, warehouses, and producers with highly customized solutions by implementing cutting-edge technology into the palletizing operations. Palletizing robots are capable of handling pallets, tier sheets, slip sheets, and more to offer you a seamless end-of-line automatic pallet building and depalletizing integration and a safe working environment that reduces health injuries associated…

If you’re investing in new machinery, check out Hennopack Companies which can provide expert advice and cost-efficient solutions for carton erecting to carton palletizer process at the end of line final stage.

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