By efficiently and consistently erecting boxes, automatic packing line can provide increased production and labor savings. Hennopack case erecting machine gives you flexibility with easy changeovers and a range of speed capabilities.
      Our case erectors also can be integrated with our case packers, bag inserter, bag folding machine, case sealer, provide a compact solution that loads products for shipping.
        Hennopack offers a variety of carton erector options and offer customizations to fit your needs, such as vertical type carton erector, Vacuum-less / Pin pick -up case erector, up to 30 cases per minute high-speed carton erector, horizontal type case erector machine.

MPK-20K Explosion-proof type vacuum-less case erector

MPK-30N Nail seal type horizontal carton  erector

MPK-30k 30 boxes per minute high-speed case erector

MPK-30S Stainless steel horizontal type case erector

case erector

MPK-20K  20 boxes per minute Pin pick -up case erector

MPK-50k 50 boxes per minute high-speed case erector

MPK-12S Stainless steel vertical type case erector

MPK-20E Extra small box high speed case erector

MPK-12E Extra small carton vertical type case erector

MPK-12H Vertical type hot glue melt  case erector

MPK-12C Cost-effective vertical type case erector

MPK-12L vertical type level feed case erector machine

Fruit box hot melt case erertor

High speed fruit box hot melt case erector