The high-speed case erector machine adopts a mechanical transmission, and the mechanism of the reciprocating movement or swing of the driven member by the rotary motion or the reciprocating motion of the cam (such as taking the box, forming the carton, and folding the bottom). The cam mechanism is compact and suitable for intermittent movement of the follower, cam mechanism.It is especially suitable for great amount carton former packaging production lines such as e-commerce logistics, food and beverage, etc., which can increase the production efficiency of enterprises by 50%.

hennopack high speed case erector
hennopack high speed case former
Item Parameters
Packing speed30 ctns/min
Qty supply1000pcs(1000mm)
Forming methodHorizontal molding
Max.Carton sizeL510*W350*H400mm
Min.Carton sizeL240*W190*H120mm(Minimal size can not appear at the same time)
Power supply1P/3P 220V/ 380V 750W
Air pressure6kg/cm³
Air consumption450NL/min
Adhesive tape widthW48mm/60mm
Adhesive tape side lengthW45-60mm
Case erector table height900mm
case erecting Machine sizeL2300*W1210*H1750mm
case forming Machine weight800kg

MPK-30k High Speed Case Erector

1. Compared with the high-speed case erecting machine of the traditional pneumatic mode, the high-speed cam box-opening machine is more accurate, fast and stable, with small machine footprint, simple operation and simple and convenient adjustment;
2. Replenishment of the carton and change the forming speed in operation screen without stop the machine;
3. Solve the problem that the vertical box-opening machine has a square carton folding box;
4. No need for belt clamping carton transportation, to prevent the problem of carton misalignment caused by unsynchronized belt conveying.
5.Hot melt high speed case erect or and nailing type case erector option
6.Combine the Case erector MPK-30K with bag inserter, carton sealer, cartoning machine, label machine, case packer to profit from a fully automatic packing line.

Our Advantages

hennopack high speed case erector model

Security and alerts:

1.automatic warning reminder to add carton.
2. absorb cardboard is not successfully alarmed.
3. Carton unpacking failed to alarm.
4. The tape sticking is not successfully alarmed.
5. Alarm when running out of tape.

Note Safety: The device has a safety door, and the device stops running when the door is opened.

When any of the above 2, 3, 4, 5 alarms, the case erector stops running, and all alarms can be displayed on the man-machine interface, which is convenient for quick troubleshooting.

When you have more case unpacking machine problems or ideas, you can send an email to and we will discuss and solve the problem together.

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