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Hennopack case packing team is the leading place in box process specialists with more than ten years of experience. Whether you need to mechanical structure, spider hand, or use robotic, we will be able to provide you with first-class solutions. We have the expertise to provide you with the best case packing solution and equipment to fit your job sites, so you can get the job done right and on time!, including, an integrated case packer,3 in 1 case packer, Top load case packer, pick and place type case packer, servo type case packer, pushing type case packer, robot case packer, spider-hand robot packer, falling type case packer and so on. It can pack the products into a carton box with your desired case pattern by either tipping or not tipping the collated products via changeover. At the same time, our case packer solutions can be combined with labeling systems, scanning systems, traceability systems, etc. to form a summary of our customers’ product line services such as product sorting and quality tracking.


Top Load Case Packer

The Hennopack top load type packer adopts a servo pick and place case packer is a top-load system featuring heavy-duty linear servo motors capable of 25 picks per minute max. Can be a customized picker for different products and Integrated with the MPK-series case erectors, the servo picks and place case packer has a compact footprint for fitting into the tightest packaging lines…

Side Load Case Packer

The Hennopack side loading packer is a new type of machine that turns the carton or container 90° or erecting box from the direct horizontal magazine and then pushes the product into the box from the side, it will be integrated with the front spider hand sorting or servo sorting mechanism to arrange the whole layer or the whole box of products and complete the packaging at once…

Bottle Drop Case Packer

The drop type packeris the advantage of the product’s own gravity, so that the product automatically fall into the carton located at the bottom; it is usually used in large-capacity bottle production line applications, or some shaped bottles which can not be used to grab the structure to pick and place, also suitable for Jars drop type use, is an economic packaging machine…

Big Bag drop case packer

Big Bag Drop Case Packer

The big bag drop packers are mainly used in industries where it is not possible to use side or top load or spider hands solution for the automatic packing process due to the irregularity of the product inside, such as BIB oil, frozen squid balls or chicken nuggets, etc, Combine with a case erector and sealer to form a complete automated line to protect the health of the labor in low-temperature environments…

Spider Hand Robot Case Packer

The Spider Hand robotic packer is a flexible, high-speed packaging machine, With the visual inspection traceability system, disordered products can be picked up and placed in a defined sequence; more line speed, combinations can be made to one, two, or three tripod robots. And formats changeovers are fully automatized, only the robotic grippers should be changed manually but without tools…


Pouch Bag Robotic Case Packer

The Pouch bag robot case packer is mainly to solve some heavy loads, from 2.5-10kg PE bag packaging products of the automatic packing process; it is the flexible spider hand robot packing series of further expansion and supplement, also with servo-driven material handling line, to achieve a variety of different bag arrangement packaging; using the robot is mainly Japan Fanuc or ABB six-axis robot…

Box Robotic Case Packer

The box robot case packer, due to its compact application space, as well as its readily expandable production speed and compatibility with multiple specifications, is favored by some high value-added industries, such as health products, pharmaceuticals, or detergents, whose production space is inclined to be narrow due to product characteristics, and the robot is the best solution to this problem…

robotic case packer

Jar Bottle Robotic Case Packer

The Jar bottle robot case packer mainly replaces the top pick and place packer machines and is used in some narrow spaces, but with many specifications, large product capacity or high-speed production line applications, with a sanitary version of the high-speed carton erector and sealer to form a fully automatic pollution-free packaging line, mostly used in the edible oil or daily chemical washing industry…

3 IN 1 case packer

3 In 1 Case Packer(top place type)

The three-in-one case packer is a combination of case forming, product loading, and case sealing in one machine with small size and high-cost performance. The top-loading type is usually achieved by using servo-driven mechanisms or spider hands and robots to pick up products and place…

3 In 1 Case Packer(drop place type)

The three-in-one case packer (the drop place) main used for low-speed production line applications in order to save floor and labor, Universal use for large capacity bottles or bags, as their own gravity is sufficient to allow them to move quickly and freely down into the box…

3 In 1 Case Packer(Side Place)

The 3 in 1 carton packer is also called all in one case packer, It is an Integrated design, combining 3 packing sections into one machine. And the sideload type mains adopt side push product into the box, and before this process usually have servo or other structure to stack or arrange as a layer…

Wrap Around Case Packer

Wrap Around Case Packer is an innovative intermittent running case packer with an output upwards of 30 cycles per minute. It forms all common “End of Line” pack styles and wraps a vast range of products. A huge product variety, wide format range, and the capacity cover all major markets…

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Hennopack robust case packer system is servo driven or robot system.It is a high efficiency solution for your end-of-line packaging needs.At present, a large number of production companies are adopting such methods to improve their competitiveness. What are you waiting for?Send me your

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