The drop packer is not only used for packaging pack most rigid containers (metal, glass, and plastic); it is also used for the packaging of stand-up pouches, pouches, bags, zippers, which are mainly used in production lines with limited space but fast production capacity, or large single pack weights and high speed. The bagged product infeed system, in concert with the servo diverter, feeds single-file bags into an accumulation area. Here, the product is one by one according to a certain arrangement loaded onto a dead plate within the drop packer machine, which correctly orients the product and arranges it to suit the selected case size (number of bags). The dead plate product is then drop loaded into pre-oriented cases erected and correctly oriented by the case erector below.


1. Automatically erect and form a corrugated case
2. Convey incoming bags or pouches to the staging area
3. Once the product is staged, the Drop Packer will then load the layers of pouches into the case. The number of layers required will dictate how often the case will need to be loaded.
4. Once the incoming product is stacked and loaded per your pack pattern, the case will then be transferred to the sealing station and the process will be repeated
5. The top flaps of the corrugated case will be folded and then either be glued or taped

Bar code readers, labelers, inkjet printers, and much more can be added.
Customized infeed conveyors to handle multiple product types
Full monitoring of machine status and diagnostics
Systems for detecting product contamination and rejection in terms of integrated quality assurance
Stainless steel or environmental enhancement packages (Explosion-proof e.g.)
Optional integration of a case erector/sealer for a complete case packing system

Bag drop case packer
Working wayfull automatic
Production speedUp to 1.500 cases per hour (depends on cases size)
Case sizes (L x W x H)Minimum: 200 x 150 x 150 mm / Maximum: 500 x 400 x 500 mm *Other size ranges are available
ConstructionStandard: Painted, carbon steel Optional: Stainless steel for wash-down applications
Installed powerApprox. 5 kW
Air Consumption50Nl/Min 6 bar
Power Supply220/380V, 50 Hz, 3 phase
Control systemSiemens/Allen Bradley/Mitshubishi PLC+servo motor

Frozen chicken nuggets, crisps, fish balls, vegetable nuggets Drop case packer

This type of case packer drops product into a case from above. Different types of drop packers are required for different types of items. Bags of chips or chicken can drop off a conveyor into the center stand-by layer and then arrange based on the packing type. When the product is covered with one layer, open the left and right moving flaps, the product will automatically fall into the box, so on and so forth, to complete each box packaging; its speed can reach 1kg bags 50-80 bags per minute, front and back with vibration leveling structure so that each bag of products can fall into the box evenly, beautiful packaging.

Sugar, salt, flour pouch bag drop case packer

In some packaging lines where space is tight, there is a need to have multiple processes of packaging, such as weighing, metal detection, labeling, identification, etc., resulting in limited space available at each stage; the bag drop case packer is suitable for such special project applications; speeds of 100-120 packs per minute can be achieved (based on 500g); space is compact and servo motor structure for bag arrange to handle, easily make bags Alignment requirements inside the case.