Hennopack robotic pouch case packers employ an innovative design that integrates a robot with a mechanical pouch collating and loading system to achieve unmatched flexibility. Servo-controlled conveyor flights automatically align, space, and group pouches into recipe specified layer configurations and locate them in precise position for smooth picking by the robot. A combination of Fanuc/ABB robots working together in the pouch bag robot packer eliminates hard automation through simplifying changeover and increasing flexibility to meet the needs of manufacturers who produce lightweight products in flexible packaging formats, such as bags, pouches, or flow-wrapped products.

Rice pouch bag Robotic case packer

The Hennopack Robotic case packer is fully-customizable to meet customer specifications. With Hennopack’s team of robotic engineers and custom end-of-arm tooling, we can accommodate an extensive range of products, pack patterns, case styles, speeds, etc.

The Hennopack Robotic case packer adopt Six-axis robot to provide a wide range of motion and precise adjustment capabilities to accommodate a variety of product configurations; No matter Liquid & dry product , the System design accommodates handling pouches filled with either liquid or dry products.