The Hennopack Side place type case packer loads the product through the end or side of an RSC style case blank. Its proven technology of product handling using servo motors, Product is collated and push-loaded through the end or side of the erected RSC case blank. accommodating a wide range of case sizes and pack patterns on the same machine. The side load type features simple modular design and few change parts, assuring fast changeovers and minimal downtime.

Standard Features

1) Painted heavy-duty welded tubular steel construction design
2)Sanitary steel frame material manufacturer
3) Simple changeover system
4) Tape case sealing or hot melt glue sealing
5) Positive carton collation system loads case directly or tips stack 90 degrees before loading
6) Cases loaded through the top or bottom, then tipped upright in either direction
7) High-speed 90-degree transfer on the infeed
8) Case squaring devices in the compression station for maximum case squareness
9) Tip/reject module designed to gently tip cases upright onto their flaps or reject cases out of the side of the machine for quality control or open flaps
10) High volume vacuum with the positive two-panel case opening
11) Positive major & minor flap folding
12) Descending stacker for multiple layers of product
13)Compact footprint (product infeed module and case handling module), space-saving and user-friendly;
14)Horizontal or vertical case magazine, ergonomic and suitable for a wide range of formats with different grammages.

Main Parameter
Packing speed5-20 boxes per min, based on different design
carton sizeL250-500*W200-400*H200-400
Push structureServo motor driven
PLCGermany-Simens/JAPAN-Mitshubishi/USA-Allen Brandley
Servo motorGermany-Simens/JAPAN-Mitshubishi/USA-Allen Brandley
MotorGermany-SEW/Nord or Taiwan-Liming
Air componentGermany-Fest0/Japan-SMC/Taiwan-Airtac
Product arrange type operation2-axis, 3-axis, 6-axis robot, or Scara or spider hand robot arrange
ApplicationsNested Cups, Paper Plates, Chipboard Cartons, Shrink & Cello-Wrapped Products, Multi-Packs, Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue Rolls, Caulking Tubes,stand-up pouch zipper bulk bag

Cost-effective Type Side push case packer

The economical side loading case packer is designed for low-speed production line applications; it has the same stacking position as the push-in position and most of the movements are pneumatic; it can reach speeds of up to 3 cases per minute; very cost-effective. It also can be integrated with the MPK-12K case erecting machine and MPF-50 case sealer as an automatic packing line, this small line can save you 3-5 labor working and earn more profit

High-speed Small Box Side Load Case Packer

A dedicated station, fitted with a vertical movement (rising or descending), forms the product stacking, while a pushing device proceeds to the case filling. The device can be either mechanical or servo-assisted and is fitted with a pneumatic hopper to favor the product insertion in the case, avoiding stumbling blocks. This structure case packer speed can up to 10 boxes per min.