The Spide-hand robotic case packer fully automates bag handling and the horizontal loading process of cases and/or trays. It comes with a visual tracking detection system; it picks up the corresponding product and turns it correctly to place it inside the box. When changing between bag sizes, all that is required is the adjustment of the pre-processing line and the change of the end-effector tool, which can then be quickly changed at the control panel with a single click.
It can adapt to add one robot, two robots, or three robots,s, etc for speed and product type depending on the required production. With this generation of spider hand robot case packers, the market needs in automating the end of line products whose irregular or unstable forms are not readily manageable at high production volumes are catered to. This versatile packaging solution allows for random product arrival at high speeds; providing great flexibility in packaging formats. Bulk, variety, display, and single flavor packing are all achievable!


Designed for packing of all kinds of flexible packages, noncumulative, disorderly at high production volume.
Fitted with a 4-axis robot spider and artificial vision
Integrated case former
Modular concept
Up to 120 cycles/minute(single robot)
Production of up to 10 cases/minute
Occupies a small amount of space
Flexibility to handle different types of packaging by only changing the type of suckers: flow pack, pillow bag, bags, daypacks, sachets, etc.
Possibility of multi picking
Continuous cycle without stopping the case exchange
Valid for RSC case

Spider hand robot case packer
Power Rating500 Watts
Feeding number1 by 1
ColorMetallic 7035 or sanitary steel
payload weight1-3kg
CyclesUp to 120 cycles/minute
Machine sizeL2000*W1800*2500mm(include frame)
System Resolution0.3 mm
Working AreaHemispherical (Diameter=800-1000 mm/ Height=300-400mm)
Vertical Stroke Resolution0.1 mm
Vertical Stroke Speed500 mm/ Sec

3-Axis Delta Robot Packer

The Delta spider hand Robot case packer is ideal for high-speed top-loading pick and place of all kinds of flexible bag packaging. processes. The chosen concept with 3 parallel axes, perfect for small pouches, bags, and low-weight products, fast cycle times, with multiple picks per cycle. fully automates bag handling and the horizontal loading process of cases and/or trays.

Spider robot case packer adopt plc human-machine interface control, can ensure the stability of high-speed operation, and set automatic waiting function to make its running speed and other equipment production capacity to match. The spider hand 3 axis robot packer adopts the principle of continuous chain movement to ensure the stability of high-speed operation with Ultra-compact space suitable for pharmaceutical, food, daily cosmetics, chemical, hardware, and electronic industries.