Top loading pick and place series of case packers, usually on the top of the carton or tray vertical up and down the product; depending on the material; gripper design usually has airbag; gripper; suction cup; sponge suction cup; clamper, etc.; Henno pack will according to the characteristics of your products, choose the appropriate gripping tools to pick and protect the product; let you in the automatic packaging of this process to achieve unmanned.

Main parameter
Item MPT-01 Top pick and place packer
Circular beats 5-7 times/min
packing speed 24000BPH(500ML)
Gripper number 1-3 (24bottles/box) (based on your real production capacity)
Frame material carbon steel or sanitary steel
Driven structure Servo motor+PLC
Carton size L(250-450)*W(150-400)*H(100-400)mm(accept customized)
Machine size L2500*W2000*H2500mm
Suitable package Jar,bottle,cans,small box;cup etc
Control function
PLC Germany-Simens/Japan-Mitshubishi/USA-Allen Brandley
HMI 7 Inch
Servo motor Germany-Simens/Japan-Mitshubishi/USA-Allen Brandley
Air component Germany-Festo/Japan-SMC
Motor Germany-SEW/Nord/Taiwan-Liming
Communication Ethernet
Sensor Germany-Sick
Inverter Franch-Schneider/Japan-mitshubishi
Low voltage components Franch-Schneider

Bottled Water Case Packer

Bottled water carton packer, it is one equipment adopt Germany Bosch Rexroth servo drive; with German Siemens PLC, precise control; usually used for 200ml to 5L bottled water application; this machine is suitable for up to 21000 bottles per hour production line application…

Sanitary Steel Top Load Carton Packer

Due to the acidic or alkaline nature of some working environments, special sanitary hygienic materials are often used to manufacture the equipment in order to give it a longer operating life, and it also meets the requirements of the food hygiene industry to ensure that food is protected from contamination.

Big Bottle Case Packer

HENNOpack’s top-loading case packers also take into account products packed in large-capacity containers /Jar such as cooking oil and mineral water over 5 liters; due to the different gripping loads; we design them by means of a chain basin mechanism, suitable for carton packing of large-capacity containers to stable running.