Case sealers ensure products are secure using either tape or hot-melt glue, offer efficiently and consistently sealing effect. Hennopack case sealers integrate with our case packers, case erectors to offer reliable packaging that increases quality and productivity.

We will choose and design a suitable case sealer model fit your particular needs, ensure the box sealing smooth and beautiful. Our carton sealer can offer side flap auto folding, top power-driven,fully auto-detection different size, stainless steel, etc feature to a variety of industry box’ special requirement sealing use.

If you’re ready to upgrade your case sealer or are unsure if your package volume will earn a return on your investment, talk to one of our packaging specialists.

MPC-50H Hot glue melt case folding flap and sealer machine

MPG-50F Fully auto case four corner and side sealing machine

MPC-50 Semi-auto case folding flap and sealer machine

MPC-50E Extra small case folding flap and sealer machine

MPC-50F Fully auto case folding flap and sealer machine

MPG-50 Semi-auto carton corner and side sealer machine

“H” type case flap folding and four side-corner sealing machine