The Hot melt version case sealer MPC-50H is an automatic hot melt sealing machine. It can automatically fold the lid of the carton leaves and seal the upper and lower hot melt glue; for different sizes of boxes, it only takes 5 minutes to complete the switch by hand crank + scale structure; the side 75mm wide belt effectively increases the conveying friction and has good driving force for overweight products; the hot melt glue system can be selected from Nordson, Robatech or Chinese brands. Construction is available in heavy-duty sprayed carbon steel construction or sanitary grade material case sealer.

Hot melt glue is less costly consumable than tape (packaging tape can cost 3-4 times more per carton sealed), it can give a stronger bond than what adhesive tape can provide. and the random size hot melt case sealing machine is a fully automatic hot melt sealing machine designed mainly for the current covid-19 impact, Try to reduce the involvement of personnel; it can automatically select the box recipe through the touch screen to switch between different sizes of box applications; it is also suitable for the hot-melt sealing process of mixed incoming boxes, automatically detecting the box length, width and height dimensions, self-adjusting and sealing the box. It is an excellent match for fully automatic end-of-line packaging in the current viral pandemic.