MPT-25HM High-speed hot melt Lid cover tray erector

The lid Cover tray is also called a Lid box or heaven and earth cover Tray and lid box (TRAY-LID) Regular base and lid boxes are full bottom corrugated boxes. Also used as a telescopic box model, the base and lid are manufactured to fit one into the other. Panels are bent inward and must be glued or stapled in each corner by the user. It is usually for food and beverage tray carriers and clothing boxes or economic displays industry applications. Based on the manual erecting tray effective low, reduced product turnover efficiency and delayed delivery of customer products. And this video show the lid box tray which adopts a hot-melt sealing four-edge process, its speed up to 25 pcs per min, can match most of the production capacity applicably. The hot melt machine also can choose USA-NORDSON SYSTEM or Switzerland-Robatech.