Hnpack Food box case filling machine is an automated carton box packer.Adopt servo control and machine, electricity, gas integration design, its biggest feature is to save manpower, efficient operation, small footprint. Tough tireless 24-hour unattended work in harsh environments, with compact, stable features.

Item Parameters
Packing speed6-8 cartons/min(can be customized)
Box sizeDenpend on  customer’s box size
Incoming heightDenpend on  design
Catch typeSuction basin suction (Accept tailor-made design)
Power supply380V 3ф 50/60Hz 5.5Kw
Air compressing6-8kg/cm³
Single packing quantitysingle-box  or multi-box
Machine sizeDenpend on  design
Machine weight1200kg

Food Case Packer Testing

* According to customer packing arrangement needs, automatically arrange the product combination;

*In line with international safety standards, with a variety of protection features, timely failure alarm, shutdown protection;

*PLC control, safety and stability, servo drive, precise and efficient; HIMI man-machine interface, easy operation;

*Adapt to different sizes of product packing, different packing requirements only need half an hour to quickly complete the size change adjustment, a multi-purpose machine, high flexibility

Our Advantages

This case packers has artificial intelligence, and its grasping mechanism system not only can grab items directly from the conveying line, but also can automatically identify whether the items to be loaded reach the packing quantity. If the conveyor line to be loaded items less than the set number, the servo system will suspend work, without human intervention, is a good helper for production.


*This box packer machine is widely used in medicine, food, cosmetic and other light industry auto-boxing;

*This carton box packing machine has a wide range of applications, small footprint, can be used stand-alone, but also with the carton box erecting machine, sealing machine, palletizer, stretch film wrapping machine and other on-line use to complete the product secondary packaging unmanned production line.

*All of the hnpack company’s packing equipment can be customized according to customer’s own situation,provide free system design.

*All of hnpack  packing products have CE certification, and accept customer samples factory testing, the customer to the factory inspection equipment.