Horizontal wrapping machine solution for IKEA door panel film packing

IKEA door panel Horizontal wrapping machine solution Industry: door panel Manufacturer Packaging solutions provided: customized 1000mm diameter horizontal wrapping machine Date of installation: June 2020 IKEA is a world-renowned furniture and household goods retailer from Sweden. There are many branches all over the world, and China is no exception. At present, a company specializing in [...]

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Automatic N95 mask making and packaging production line against resist coronavirus disease COVID-19

2019-2020 is a disaster-stricken year. People all over the world are deeply hurt, and the departure of family and friends is leave every day; not to mention the emergence of coronavirus, this virus is a mutual Infection, and for the first time found, there is currently no effective prevention measures, only self-isolation, or wearing protective [...]

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Cost-effective elegant of ways for pallet strapping machine

With the development of the economy, and the people's demand for products in various countries in the world is also diverse, there are more and more newly-produced production enterprises, but due to the lower-to-mid-scale production scale of these enterprises; the packaging production lines of some industries always adopted Manual packaging, after all, the budget for [...]

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Hennopack bag robotic palletizer integrated line for powder mortar packing

With the recovery of the world economy, all walks of life have developed rapidly, especially in the field of people's livelihood-the construction industry, which has a large number of construction materials and has also produced many large-scale manufacturing companies, such as E.MIX Building Materials (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., which belongs to Singapore-Xinzhong Group. This company mainly [...]

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