[product knowledge] Introduction to the working principle of automatic carton packer machine

HennoPackaging Technology has been working on the design and manufacture of end-of-line automation equipment for the production line. It has helped many companies to create high-efficiency packaging line equipment, including bag inster machines, high speed horizontal case erector machines, case packer, etc.. Here we select the carton box packer equipment to describe how it works. [...]

Hennopack Fully automatic rotary arm stretch film line serves Australian Concept Logistics Pty Ltd

Really good logistics warehousing companies not only store customer products but also pay attention to the protection of the entire product packaging. Many warehousing companies simply enter and exit the customer tray products, which makes the product packaging greatly reduced and increases user costs. Hennopack Fully auto rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper system for [...]

Hennopack bottle palletizer with straping and wraping system for Kitchen state soy sauce empty bottle palletising packaging

Industry Application: Empty bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, PET bottle,         Kitchen state is the famous brand of Soy sauce supplier in china, Soy sauce is a liquid condiment of Chinese origin, made from a fermented paste of soybeans, and filling by the plastic bottle. Every day China consumes tens of thousands [...]

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Hennopack Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper with Top Plate for Thailand EIAMHENG tapioca starch bag pallet

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper with Top Plate for tapioca starch bag pallet film wrapping Industry: Titanium powder, gypsum powder, cement, rice, and other bag packaging industries; Packaging solutions provided: Conveyorized fully auto rotary is pallet wrap with top press plate;           Eiamheng is one of the largest tapioca starch producers in [...]

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Hennopack Product catalog

With the development of the packaging industry, the demand is becoming more and more diversified. According to the previous packaging classification, it is difficult to meet the higher packaging requirements of customers.         From the year of 2018, the customer inquiry encountered by Henno pack is no longer Previously standard equipment requirements, [...]

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Are you still manually packing e-commerce cartons?

Hennopack new design E-commerce small carton special box erector machine alternative manual packaging              Since the introduction of Taobao by Alibaba-Mayun team and the launch of Jingdong by Liu Qiangdong, China’s business model has undergone tremendous changes. Let people shop no longer limit by distance, time.E-commerce,  the new business model [...]


Happy winter solstice—China day

     Happy winter solstice The winter solstice is one of the most important days of the year, a day for family togetherness. On this day, people in the northern part of China will eat dumplings, and there is a saying that references this custom. People in southern China will make and eat tangyuan, or rice [...]

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