Choose the best case erector for your Needs

Nowadays, case erectors are available in several styles and offer different advantages of features. With today’s operations ranging from vertical type, servo type, and cam-driven versions to those focusing on faster line speeds and specific packaging requirements, there are many references to consider.

Below, you’ll find a list of the basics to help you choose the best case erector for your needs.

#1 Case carton type
There are several case types available, but the most common are Regular Containers, Corrugated trays, Telescope type box, Half Slotted Containers, Slide type Corrugated boxes, Custom Die-cut, Full Overlap Corrugated boxes, Roll End Tuck Top, and Folder type corrugated boxes, all of which have special features that address certain needs. The type you need is often dependent on the type of box you have such as, custom die-cut are generally packaged on a regular slotted top load, which has hot melt sealing for added protection. It could not use the traditional case erecting machine, only design the cover lidding applicator, and it mainly used in the Logistics packaging.

#2 Case erector floor space
The case unpacker is equipment that automatically forms the cardboard as a box and then seals the bottom, although case erecting machine can be used as a stand-alone machine, in most cases, it is integrated with carton packers, palletisers, bagmaker inserters, and other equipment to form a complete smart secondary packaging line; therefore, we need to choose the right machine model according to the available space at the customer’s site; we may even need to redesign the structure of the special opener according to the site.

#3 Line speed
The speed of the conveyor line is an important factor in both processing efficiency and cost. You want the erector you choose to have enough speed to catch up with the case packer speed, but the faster machines cost significantly more. Overall, if your case packing needs are 10 cases or less per minute, the cost-effective vertical stack cardboard type case former, or pin-pick should be sufficient. The cam-driven horizontal type case erector is ideal for packing 20-30 cases per minute, and for faster speeds, consider a continuous vertical type servo-driven former, servo type horizontal case erector.

#4 case size range
Each kind of carton forming equipment has its own range of carton applications; similarly, the main product application of the enterprise also has its main case size; although the different structure of the molding machine has most of the common range of carton size, but based on stability, speed, price; will also have some focus. For example, a cream filling line, which involves carton openers, carton bag maker and inserting machine, poly bag sealing machine, palletizing machine, etc., its speed is usually only 6-8 cartons per minute; all the case erectors models can meet its use requirements, but this industry has some characteristics, is the application of square carton more, if the economic version of the vertical opening machine, in the molding mechanism process, it is easy to fail and affect the output; this is where we have to pay attention to, low speed does not mean that choosing the economic version of the molding machine will guarantee your stability.

Motion-type equipment, in the process of each mechanism action, will produce resonance, the weight of the equipment or the main frame does not have enough bearing area; the probability of resonance of the equipment is high, for the equipment is easy to loosen the mechanism, but also easy to damage; for the case former’s cardboard magazine, whether it is conducive to employees to replenish the cardboard without delaying the equipment to continue to run, etc. Choosing a machine that can handle production demands is crucial for machine lifespan, production cycle costs, weight limit factors, and hours used. Be sure to check machine specifications before making a decision.

Overall. In regards to simplicity in switching, servo type case erector or cam-driven former are a good choice with 3-5 minute take to replace different size, while cost-effective carton erector offers the least amount of options and flexibility, it will need more time and patience, also related with cardboard quality. In addition to the above factors, you’ll benefit from doing your own research. Take time to watch demonstrations of the various erectors in use. This will help you determine which case erector will best suit your current business needs. Also, when making your decision, consider all the variables including production efficiency, stability, cycle costs, and product lifespan.
high speed hot melt glue seal case erector

While everyone has a budget, the initial investment is only one component in comparison to the big picture, and buying the proper tools upfront will save you money in the long run.

Bottom line, a case erector from HENNOPACK will ensure that everything goes smoothly at your subsequent workstations. If you are interested in learning more about our packaging products and solutions, contact us today for more information or fill out our online form to request a quote.


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