Classification of stretch wrapping machine


First, according to the wrapping machine on the stretch film of different ways, can be divided into “pre-stretch” type and “non pre-stretch” :

Pre-stretch pallet wrapping Machine:through pre stretch film frame, will wrap film according to predefined “draw ratio”  stretch wrap around on the pallet; Its advantage is uniform tensile, packaging beautiful, strong adaptability, (ultra light, ultra high goods are available). and under the same conditions than “non pre-stretching” save consumables 30 ~ 50%.


Non pre-stretch wrapper: Through adjusting resistance tensile mechanism of friction damping,  when the pallet rotational speed is faster than film frame in speed, stretch film  passive tensiled ,and at the same time the film will wrap around on the goods. Because of the damping can be adjust for “zero”, so the any quality of stretch film or ordinary plastic film can be used, but for the lighter, high goods, unable to realize stable packing, and the film consumption is higher.
二.According to the wrapping machine application fields and the different way of packing the goods, and it can be divided into seven kinds of specifications
1.Turntable pallet wrapper(referred to as T series)

Through the turntable rotate with pallet together,thus reach wrapping goods with stretch film; suitable for use the goods of pallet packaging, Widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, papermaking, ceramics, chemical industry, food, beverages, building materials, etc; to improve logistics efficiency, reduce the loss in the process of shipment, has the advantages of dustproof, moisture, reduce the packaging cost.


2.Rotary stretch wrapper(referred to as R series)

Through cantilever  around the goods surrounding rotary, and then realize the goods  packaging with stretch film, T series can be packing of the goods are all can use wrapping package R series equipment; In addition,  R series more suitable for the goods of  lighter is higher or unstable  or overweight. Machine installation flexibility, can be fixed on the wall, also can use bracket fixed; And can be connected to the conveyor, to adapt to the demand of assembly line work.


3.Coil wrapping machine

Film through circular orbit feeding (send) link, around  the ring body part of the goods  wrapping ,widely used in the exterior wrapping for tires, bearing, strip steel, copper, cables stainless steel coil, steel coil, copper coil. And the wrapped package is stable and tidy. In additional, it has waterproof and dust proof effects.

4.Reel wrapper

Reel Wrapper is a machine designed for packing rolls of paper, non-woven fabrics, film and similar products made in rolls. It is ideal for reel axial wrapping-across the cylindrical diameter then along the longitudinal axis. Reel wrapping machine is the ideal wrapper for reel type products to achieve dust and moisture proof and enhanced packing effects for transport and storage. Options: pneumatic reel ejection system, or fully automatic conveyorized reel wrapper.

5.Orbital wrapper

Automatic Sealing & Orbital Wrapping Machine is designed for wrapping of long profiles, such as aluminum profiles, plastic extruded profiles, timber boards & frames. Strech wrapping is a cost effective way to protect these products against dust, moisture or scratching during transport and storage. This machine can be custom engineered according to specific products and different fied requirements.

6.luggage wrapper

Luggage Wrapper is through turntable rotation driven with goods, and then realize the goods film wrapping package  It’s especially suitable for single piece or multiple pieces of small specifications and packing,widely use in Clothing, electrical appliances, chemical fiber, luggage wrapping at airports, stations and hotels to protect luggage from damage and mishandling. Luggage holder could be adjusted to hold the luggage according to their sizes. has the advantages of dustproof, moisture, guard against theft.


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