Cold stretch hood wrap machine is an efficient integrated packaging method with higher sustainability, lower operating costs, and lower energy consumption. It is pulled apart by the packaging device from four angles to cover the entire package from the top to bottom with high resilience, the “fingers” will pull away from the film after the film reaching the bottom of the pellet, allowing the film secured under the pallet. excellent tear strength and puncture resistance, as well as superior the ability of gripping and high stretching clamping force could better protect the material on the pallet.


*Excellent resilience and high clamping force to ensure stable loading;

*Excellent ductility, puncture resistance, and tear resistance;

*Good transparency for easier scanning of inside content bar code;

*Excellent performance in both high and low-temperature environments;

*LLDPE cold stretch hood packaging machine can handle 100 pallets per hour;

*Times stretch provides more length for easier work, less cost, and greater value.

Technical parameters

Model Stretch Hood Machine MSH-1
Min packaging size600 *800mm(L*W)
Max packaging size1300*1300mm(L*W) could be customized
Max height size3000mm could be customized
Packing speed60-100 pallets per hour(Base on product size)
Power supplyAC 380V,3PH,50Hz
Loading weight2000kg
Conveyor height600±50mm
Applicable filmStretch hood film
Machine size4710*2248*4680mm(L*W*H)

Stretch Hood Machine Work Flow Reference Video


*The top film will make a sealed bag, effectively waterproof;

*The stretch hood material is environmental and recyclable;

*Use of thinner films,for 0.08-0.18mm thickness PE stretch hood film,save film cost;

*The transparency of the stretch hood film is higher than traditional PE film so that the bar code and trademark very clearly to show the advertisements and the exhibition value.

Hennopack Stretch Hood Film Wrap Machine Packaging Modeling Process

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