Collaborative robot case packer solution for Chicken Essence can manufacturer

Collaborative robot case packer solution for Chicken Essence can manufacturer
Industry: Chicken Essence
Client: ChuBang
Packing solution offer: Collaborative robot case packer
Delivery date: Aug 2020

Our customer-Chubang is a China-owned and operated Chicken Essence processing plant located in Victoria. They pack and send Chicken Essence products around China and the world. Its chicken essence is number one in Sales in China, Especially in the current virus epidemic period, most people are unwilling to go out to shopping malls to buy daily necessities, place orders directly via the Internet, and then deliver goods directly to the door by express delivery. The original production capacity cannot meet the current order growth situation. Especially during the current outbreak, the distance between people needs to be more than one meter, which also causes the packaging process not to have enough people to do the job. The Chicken Essence project production manager looking forward to finding one high-effective and save labor packing solution.
collaborative robot case packer

By chance, he found our equipment used well in a certain factory and found our technical support. And then we started the journey of this packing line program. Through our talk and site inspection, we found that the Chicken Essence product workshop is small, and it is needed to finish 5000 cans of Chicken Essence per hour packing, and automatically detects whether the can’s lid is missing, Auto pick can and place into the carton box, also need to add the paper board to separate upper and lower products, etc. The fact that so many processes need to be done in such a small space is a challenge and an innovation for Henno packaging’s technical team.

Considering the weight and speed of our customers’ products, we gave up the idea of adopting four-axis robots and chose a collaborative robot instead as the cans pick and place machine. Each Chicken Essence can weigh only 200g, one carton box will load two-layer cans-total 24 cans, and each layer will have 12cans-total weight will be 2.4kg. we choose the collaborative robot could load 10kg, it could match one-time pick 12 cans together, Eight seconds will complete a cycle grab. It has enough time to meet the 5000 cans per hour packing. In addition, the gripper we choose sucker to pick so that it can also absorb and place the cardboard, saving the cost.

As for the molding of cartons, we adopt a vertical type case erector, its size is length 2000mm and width 2000mm, just to place on the space. In the meantime, besides the case erector, it could place one pallet stacked paper cardboard, easy for the operation to add to the case former, and keep on working.
hennopack case erector

For this chicken powder can packaging line, Its main advantage point is we have adopted the collaborative robot as case packer for Chicken Essence cans, it solves the stuffing location, the equipment is small in size, small floor space. One special thing to mention is having more advantages than four-axis robots, collision to the workers to stop, and no serious damage to workers, don’t need to add the extra-configuration objects such as a fence.

Hennopack collaborative robot case packer solution meets the demand for labor-intensive products, in this Chicken Essence production line, this is resulting in significantly increased production throughput eliminating bottlenecks while improving the work environment for the workers, also avoid the virus. Introducing a collaborative robot in the secondary packing department has lead to a 50% production increase for Chubang.


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