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MPG-50 Corner and Side Type Case Sealer is one top & bottom belts driven, carton sides and corners taping machine, 90 degree conveyor, manually adjust the sealing width and height. It’s widely used in foodstuff, cosmetics pharmaceuticals industries.

Item Parameters
Packing speed0-20m/min
Max.Carton sizeL500mm×W500mm×H500mm
Min.Carton sizeL320mm×W200mm×H180mm
Table sizeMin.H500mm Max.H750mm
Power supply110V/220/380V、 1ф   -3ф  、 50/60Hz
Air supply6kg/cm3
Adhesive tape widthW48mm/60mm/75mm
Machine sizeL1900×W11300×H1530
Machine weight400kg
MPG-50 Corner and Side Type Case Sealer Reference Video

1.Automatic corner and side sealing machine is a carton sealer specifically development for the four corners sealing with  tape;

2.Auto -corner and side type carton sealer is simple to operate, economical and durable, safe, low failure rate as the starting point design;

3.Can according to the specifications of the carton manual adjust the machine width and height,auapplicable to the same time the same size carton for four corner sealing;

4.Especially for the export of electronic, medicine, food, electrical and other industries, can offer a comprehensive moisture-proof, anti-glare, anti-theft and other effects, reduce product transportation loss, improve product profit;

5.Auto -corner and side type carton sealer feed can be divided into linear feed and 90 ° feed, to meet customer requirements for different feed.

Our Advantages


*Exclusive design by Hennopack;
*Cerificate:ISO9001/CE, meet the requirements of international standards;
*According to carton specifications,manually adjust the width and height;
*Cutter safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter;
*A 90 ° feed or a linear feed can be selected;
*Adopt international advanced manufacturing technology,  imported parts ,components, electrical components;
*MPG-50 Case sealer can stand-alone use or application in the automated packaging line, help factory to saving enterprise cost, improve production efficiency,  is the best choice of packing standardization for product;
*Combine the Corner and Side Case Sealer with carton erector,bag inserter, label machine, case packer to profit from a fully automatic packing line.
Option—Heavy duty built, both steel and stainless steel fully auto type carton box corner sealer machine.

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