Cost-effective elegant of ways for pallet strapping machine

With the development of the economy, and the people’s demand for products in various countries in the world is also diverse, there are more and more newly-produced production enterprises, but due to the lower-to-mid-scale production scale of these enterprises; the packaging production lines of some industries always adopted Manual packaging, after all, the budget for a new fully automatic packaging production line will have a great impact on the profit of the enterprise. These processes involve carton forming, liner bag inserting, automatic box packer, robotic automatic palletizing, Automatic pallet strapping and automatic stretch film wrapping, etc; In the meantime, Shenzhen Henno Packaging technical Co., Ltd. conducts market research and research and finds that in small and medium-sized enterprises, the strapping of pet straps for pallets has a significant impact on employees and enterprises:
First of all, manual strapping requires at least two people to complete the strapping, and the labor cost is high;
Secondly, the use of artificial strapping requires personnel to bend over to perform operations, which is labor-intensive, and causes serious injuries to the human lumbar spine, which is likely to cause work accidents.
Third, the manual operation and the strap are not tidy, and when the abnormal shape and high pallets, Its packing efficiency slow.
In view of the above, our company cooperates with professional pallet strapping machine manufacturers to absorb foreign technology and manufacturing elegant-automatic human strapping machines.

What are the well-profit of the new generation of JD-008 pallet strap passing and sealing machines will provide to us?
1. This system adopts the very innovative chain rolling technology. After the chain rolling bearing packing belt passes through the bottom of the packaged goods and surrounds the goods, the belt is delivered to the operator. The operator only needs to grasp The packing belt is placed on the packing machine head, and the automatic tightening, welding and packing operations are realized by the machine head.
2. The system is based on ergonomic design, which meets the needs of the single-person operation, saves labor, and eliminates the need to bend and wear a belt, reducing operator fatigue strength.
3. Human-machine interactive touch screen control, the smart touch screen can adjust packing parameters, convenient and fast.
4. Patented design, fast strapping and packing speed, average time is less than 10 seconds (depending on the size of packing items), central integrated lithium battery power supply, short charging time, long working time 500-600 times).
PET strap passing machine structure:
pallet strapping machine parameters:

Equipment weight112KG
Chain length9300MM
Machine SizeLength 950MM width 750MM height 1250MM
Applicable strap materialPP / PET straps are available
Applicable strap thickness0.6-1.3MM
Applicable strap width12-19MM
Maximum chain thrust320N
Noise level79db (A)
Maximum packing height3000MM
Maximum packing width2000MM
Pallet gapminimum height 75MM
Minimum width 200MM

Component description:
A: Battery
Battery: 33v lithium battery
Battery weight (including case): 10KG
Voltage capacity: 29.6V / 32Ah
Charging voltage: 33.6V
Maximum charging current: 10A
Maximum discharge current: 45A
Battery life: can be charged and discharged 2000 times
Wear times: 400-600 strap can be bundle per charge.

B.Configure the charger:
Charger: 3-segment full intelligent charger
Input voltage: AC100-240V; 50HZ ~ 60HZ
Output voltage: DC33.6V
Output current: 10A
Working temperature: -5 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Relative humidity: 90% (4 ± 2 ℃)
Storage temperature: (-40 ~ 70) ℃
Atmospheric pressure: (70-106) KPa
MTBF: ≥50000H

How to use strapping machine packing steps:
1. Select the appropriate distance and place the machine at a distance of 30cm from the cargo;
2. Push the joystick forward until the hand can receive the strap;
3. After tightening the strap, push the rocker backward until the turning head is completely returned to the machine’s original position;
4. Neatly pack the straps and put them into the packing welding head at the same time;
5. Press the welding start button, and the welding will automatically receive the tight and cut tape by friction welding.
6. Panto the left and remove the welding head. At this point, the packing is completed.
elegant of ways for pallet strapping machine-related video

The above is about the characteristics of a strapper suitable for ergonomics and for pallet bundling. If you have more questions, please click to contact and exchange; In the meantime, the Henno packaging technical team will continue to pay attention to customers’ more packaging needs and provide customers with more Automation solution for secondary packaging production lines.

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