Customized big size tray erector for an australian Bread manufacture

Customized big tray erector solution for an Australian bread manufacturer
Client: Sauer’S
Industry: delicious bread
Packing solution offer:self-lock airplane cardboard tray auto-folding machine 
Delivery date: Aug.2020

Hennopack recently cooperation with an Australian famous bread manufacturer located in Sydney to design and install a new Automatic cardboard tray erector.

Our customer was looking for an auto-fold tray shape and auto-lock flap machine that could reduce operator labor intensity to protect the health cut down worker touches the food times to reduce the risk of coronavirus disease(COVID-19) and protect the customer.

Automatic tray erector solution

Our customers adopt the cardboard packing bread size from 620mm in length and480mm in width and double flap-lock in height. one worker is difficult to fold the flap, and also need another worker to assist to pick the other side flap, so will need two people to erect one pcs tray, and need 15 seconds to finish one tray. Currently, customer production line speed is 8 pcs per minute, so will need more than 4 workers to meet this folding step.

    Our solution was the customized MT10 tray erector machine. It featured not less than 200 pcs cardboard stacker and could meet 30 minutes application, adopt a japan servo structure to pick the cardboard to the mold to stabilize the position accuracy during the tray in the fold mold. According to the bread belong to the food industry, our machine materials are 304ss which in contact with the tray, clean and hygienic. The total machine design speed is 8-10 pcs per minute, enough to meet the production speed use, and save more space for other applications.

 In all, customer invest the machine could solving their space question, will get more space to do other things; During coronavirus disease(COVID-19) could ensure production line packing normally without worried about the worker; Could let the tray fold neat, stable, beautiful and unified standard structure to let transportation turnover safety.

Customized Bread manufacturer tray erector working video



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