E-commerce warehouse packaging special carton box erector machine

Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba’s board of directors, said at the 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit hosted: “China’s logistics industry is very fortunate to catch up with the best times. But the Chinese logistics industry is also unfortunate, unfortunately, we need to face the packing and delivery challenge of having 100 million parcels per day. “
Imagine that on the day of the Double Eleven, there are at least 100 assembly lines in the 120 square meters. People are non-stop to transfer items, carton box erector, case sealer, shrink wrap, box label, and with continuous work overtime. The employees are tired of the work, companies face not only excess orders but also high production costs and countless labor.If you still follow the traditional manual packing, the profit margin will continue to be compressed for the enterprise.

With the diversification of e-commerce products and the complex and ever-changing transportation environment, as one of the main forms of e-commerce packaging, the demand for corrugated carton packaging and delivery has increased. What kind of carton packing equipment does the company need to support the handling of this 100 million package? As Ma Yun said in the future logistics industry, it must be mental brain work, Technology is permeating our lives and work, and only with advanced carton folding and sealing equipment and manual cooperation can we be surprisingly successful.

E-commerce extra small carton box high speed erector reference video
At this time, Hennopack independently developed and produced an e-commerce special-purpose carton forming and sealing machine instead of manually completing the automatic e-commerce case erector machine. Among them: 1 is for ultra-small carton erecting machine with an efficiency of 15-30 boxes per minute, carton size is: L=130-290mm*W=80-160mm*H=90-190mm. 2. other one is for conventional carton unpacking machine has an efficiency of 15-35 boxes per minute, carton size is L240-510*W170-400*H120-400mm. The above two models can replace the 3-8 person e-commerce carton erector package workload.With just one machine, one person can complete the packaging of 1500 carton-forming and bottom sealing per hour.High-speed case erector not only solves the loss of consumables such as adhesive tape and carton,reduces the production cost of the enterprise,but also control the packing speed according to the shipping requirements, improve the accuracy of delivery, and the production line of the enterprise can also be carried out in an orderly manner.
E-commerce  carton box high speed erector reference video
With the further development of the world, multinational electronic logistics will continue to grow, the future development of logistics will be the result of the combination of labor and technology, Hennopack will continue to develop innovative, faster and more convenient carton packaging equipment in conjunction with international new technology to serve e-commerce companies.


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