Hennopack supplies leak testing and packing solutions to blow molding industry from home and abroad.Has been successfully used in soy sauce bottles, pesticide bottles, chemical bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, lubricant bottles and other industries.The entire empty bottle automatic checking palletizer packing line process includes:leak testing system,empty bottle conveyor system,empty bottle palletizer system,pallet wrapand straping system.

Empty bottle auto leater and testing system

Empty bottle conveyor packing system

Empty bottle palletizer packing system

Empty bottle pallet wrap and strap packing system

1.Production line design capacity; 80-120 bottles per minute;
2.Production line function: four automatic blow molding machines, supporting special flexible chain conveyor lines. After each product line comes out, it will go through the positioning leak testing, then enter the clamping lift line after the manual inspection platform check, and then enter the automatic palletizing. After the palletizer is completed, pallets will be transported to the vertical type strapping machine bundle by the pallet conveyor, and then transported into the stretch film wrapping machine to carry out the outer membrane wrap and dustproof and rainproof. After the pallet wrapper process is completed, then transport to the lifter.
3.Production line equipment: automatic blow molding machine, product flexible conveyor line, product positioning, and rejection device, leak tester, appearance manual inspection table, clamping lifting line, palletizing system, pallet vertical strapping machine, stretch film wrapper machine, lifter.

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