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Whether it is people, things or things that are difficult to do well at once, especially for machinery and equipment, it involves structure compliance, ease of application, full-featured type, ease of installation; if you hope to get a more perfect, functional equipment, then you need to constantly improve and perfect it later. As we all know, there is always a gap between theory and reality, so theoretically it seems to be very complete equipment, but in the real application there will always be one or another deficiency, so in the process of practice, it is necessary to constantly improve it, when the improvement to a certain extent, packaging machinery, and equipment to meet everyone’s requirements, so as to achieve perfection. This is why we need to consider two factors in the selection of suppliers – practice and experience.
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As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”At the end of the line automatic packing equipment, also has standard equipment suitable for most industrial applications. Take the example-semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper, it is used for load pallet four side stretch film wrapping packing. currently, you can find this machine price will have a big difference, and you cannot find the lowest price to you, But quality will be different. From Henno Packaging Technology has been engaged in this end-of-line automatic packaging equipment, the film pallet wrapping machine is also one of the company’s main manufacturers and sales products. Semi-auto pallet wrapper, We can divide into three main group structures, one is the turntable part, one is the column part, one is the electric box control part. First, we talk about the electrical box control part-Our Semi-auto pallet wrapper control system currently has three modes, which are PCB electronic version control; separate PLC with touch screen control, integrated PLC + touch screen integrated control. Only the separate PLC + touch screen is the control style we always recommend. Why do we keep choosing it? Actually, it is the customer who keeps choosing it. Is it because the price is lower than the price of the other two? No, instead it will have a high price than others.
PCB electronic version control, It is made of the circuit board, and before the design is started, it is developed in cooperation with electronic companies to complete the design and manufacture of the control circuit; however, in order to save costs; the control system of the equipment is fixed, so it cannot be extended or matched with other external equipment, for example, I need this semi-automatic pallet wrapper machine to increase the weighing function, it is not possible to complete, you can only purchase external systems, but this also increases cost, In addition, Adopt PCB board control, there is another problem is that when your equipment fails, it is difficult for customer personnel to check where the problem occurs, or they can only replace the entire control system, which increases the invisible cost to the customer; however, such control also has an advantage, that is, the cost you put in at the beginning is lower.
hennopack pallet packing solutionAs for the integrated PLC and touch screen integrated control method, is also in recent years, do PLC manufacturers newly developed a product, we used the same in the semi-automatic stretch wrapper machine for some customers who agree to want to use, after two years, the market feedback is: for the customer workshop equipment maintenance staff requirements are high, integrated line control more, it is difficult for customers to check the error, delay; more importantly, when this a control system After a failure, will face a huge replacement cost, after all, it integrated touch screen; this will also lead to the end-user or agent, to pay a higher price. Therefore, most of the HENNOPACKING agents or users no longer choose this.
As for the separate PLC, we have been using this system for control since we were involved in the manufacture of the pallet wrap packaging machine, although the total cost is still higher than the other two as the economy develops; however, it has an unparalleled advantage – very low failure rate, extremely easy for customers to check equipment failure, high stability, and always available for functional expansion according to customer needs. And we use the Japanese Mitsubishi or Panasonic brand PLC, whose quality is undeniable. At present, even though the input cost of the film wrapper with this control system is higher than the other two, most agents or users still see the potential value in it and choose this one. After all, the price on the surface is never seen as the intrinsic value.

The above on the control system relies on the customer practice out, only to find that it is still individually controlled PLC is superior to other control systems, not to mention other parts of the structure. HENNO packaging technology focus on the end packaging automation solutions and equipment solutions has been recommended high-quality equipment supply domestic and foreign customers applications. Although the use of our own equipment is temporarily not recognized by a certain part of the people who choose lower price equipment. However, we still believe that most people will pay attention to choosing the products of suppliers who have many years of customer feedback and improved equipment, rather than just looking at the price alone.
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Now let’s discuss the factor of experience, in fact, experience and practice are mutually reinforcing, the more practice – refers to the practice of different industries or different requirements of applications so that the experience is brought to effectively expand the customization of a device.
Just as our equipment needs to be used in the United States, all electrical equipment, all need to have UL certification, which is the basic requirement for the use of equipment in their countries. If a supplier is new to the industry, the equipment they supply to customers may not have this specific requirement at the outset. After all, the cost of having UL certification requirements will be very different from the conventional; and because of new suppliers entering the industry unfamiliarity all requirement, customers only after obtaining this does not meet their own national applications, can only destroy to buy again; resulting in huge losses to customers.
In addition, in some non-standard projects, such as a robot palletizing project; many newly created companies currently think that they only need to buy robots back, and then just realize the completion of the basic stacking action to complete the customer’s palletizing needs, so they provide customers with a budget that you can’t guess the price; according to this budget to find other professional palletizing suppliers with years of experience in manufacturing You will find it difficult to find. This is because it requires the removal of many additional features to meet such a budget, such as the design of some safety or risk protection, the design of personnel intervention afety systems, the design of future expandable functions, but these are elements that are completely valued abroad and they are not never in the scope of abandonment. But when you only focus on the price, you may get the equipment will bring you unexpected losses. Likewise for some professional companies, it is not going to throw away its own corporate values or brand name for a project that only seeks price without paying attention to the potential value of technical experience. After all, a high-quality, high-safety packaging system is in line with the win-win value concept that customers and suppliers pursue for life – production safety above all else.
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It can be concluded that regardless of the size of the equipment, whether it has been tested in the market and whether the manufacturer has sufficient experience, which determines whether this piece of equipment brings potential value or loss to the customer, and even concerns the safety production of the enterprise. The right choice is the only way to make the equipment a real asset for the company and benefit the enterprise.
HENNO packaging technology integrates planning, design, integration, and manufacturing in one professional intelligent robot packaging system integrator and production line secondary automation packaging solution provider. We are happy to accept customer products in our packing equipment for field testing to ensure that our packaging equipment for customer products gets the full play.


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